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Aj Green, Apparently, the NCAA is the zoom of its focus on an alleged incident in which Green allegedly sold a shirt he wore during a game for personal gain. For us, that sounds really bad. Taking what amounts to the NCAA or the school property and turn it into private profit does not sound like the type of dynamics that tend to avoid the NCAA hammer. However, ESPN’s Joe Schad stated that there is some precedent for this type of case, and that the general rule is that a player serving a brief suspension after paying the restitution of the transaction. In any case, we will provide more information than is available. For now, get green out of alignment.

Green available for Georgia this year is still in the air, ESPN reports.


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Kwtx, WACO, Texas (CBS / KWTX) A young Texas father probably wishes he would have done more to check the diaper on her baby daughter before taking her to daycare.

The nursery called police to report a worker found a small bag of marijuana in the diaper.

It happened in Waco Child Development Children’s Center, CBS affiliate KWTX reports.

Police say the father apparently hid the baggy “small” of marijuana and then forgot about it.

When a worker was to change the child, the drug found.

On Saturday, police arrested 23-year-old David Shepherd. According to police was accused of abandoning or endangering a child.

He was released from the McLennan County Jail late Sunday on bail.

There is also an arrest warrant against the mother.

History Collaborative CBS affiliate KWTX