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George Vi, (CNN) – There were always three images of King George VI”sur the chimney of the various houses Mark Logue lived when he was growing up – including a signed and dated by the king on his coronation day – – but as a boy in the 1970 and 1980, Logue can not remember to ask why.

Only years later, after his father died and Logue inherited a box of papers and scrapbooks, he started to make sense.

Grandfather was Lionel Logue Logue, the Australian pathologist played by Geoffrey Rush in the Oscar-nominated film “The King’s Speech.”

Mark Logue – born 12 years after his grandfather died – had inherited an archive: Christmas cards of the king and queen, a card of condolence “George VI”à Lionel Logue when his wife died, and a letter of thanks from the queen, Logue wrote a letter which the king himself died a few years later.

The documents also include hundreds of letters exchanged by the king and the speech therapist; he has met more than a decade before he was crowned.

“The contents of the letters between them is incredibly friendly as you’d expect between two friends,” said Mark Logue. “But there is a sort of label that remains Lionel,” meet “George VI”comme” Your Royal Highness. ”

“George VI”adressée to his friend as” Dear Logue, “and the first letters signed” Albert “- his name before he was crowned king. The later letters are signed” George “.

Also among the papers of his grandfather is what Mark Logue believes is the actual copy of George’s speech “VI’’Lu at the beginning of the war with Germany 1939 – the climactic scene of the film.

King’s Speec: 12 Oscar nods

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King’s Speech, “The King’s Speech,” the only film with any chance of falling “social network” for the Oscar for Best Picture, earned 12 nominations Tuesday to lead the class of 2010 Academy Awards.

The factual drama won nods for picture, actor, supporting actor, supporting actress, original screenplay and direction that the candidates were announced Tuesday morning from Hollywood Live on ABC.

The speech”Kings,”drama about stuttering aBritish monarch King George VI, head of the appointments made this year with 12 Oscar nods, the period drama whileanother”True Grit”suit closely with 10nominations.

Favori”Le social”seulement network passed the thirdspot with eight nominations, while Leonardo DiCaprio thriller starrerpsychological”lancement”obtenu September

Colin Firth is nominated in the best categoryfor Acteur””Le King ‘of speech and director of the film’ Tom Hooper hasbagged appointment in la”Meilleur Réalisateur”catégorie. HelenaBonham Carter was nominated for Best Actress, while Geoffrey Rush won a nomination for Best SupportingActor for the same.

The film was also nominated for Art Direction, Cinematography, Costume Design, Editing, and Original Score categories Screenplayand Original.

Outre””Le King ‘Speech, Best Film categoryalso comprend”Le”Social Network,”Le”Fighter”,””,” BlackSwan creation,”The children are all right’ ‘,””,” 127 hours”,”” Toy Story 3 True Grit, et””Winter’ Bone.

Firth is in competition with James Franco 127Hours””, Jesse Eisenberg pour””Le social network, and for JavierBardem””Biutiful Best’An last JeffBridges Actor winner for best actor pour”True Grit”en Rolecategory in advanced.

Best actress in a leading role include Annette Bening categorynominations pour”The Kids Are Allright,”Natalie Portman for her role as troubled une”Swan ballerina”Black, Nicole Kidman pour”Rabbit Hole”MichelleWilliams for ” Blue Valentine”et newcomer Jennifer Lawrencefor””Winter ‘Bone.

Best race director David Fincher is between of’’the social networks,”Tom King Hooper””Le ‘speech.

Toy Story 3”,””How to Train Your Dragon”et”TheIllusionist”sont battling it out for the best animated film FilmOscar.

The 83rd Academy Awards, to be held at Hollywood”sKodak Theatre on February 24, will be led by Franco andAnne Hathaway, one of the few times in historywhen Oscar candidate was also an emcee for the ceremony.


Winter’s Bone

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Winter S Bone, Bone winter is a 2010 drama film, adapted from Daniel Woodrell’s 2006 novel of the same name. The film was written and directed by Debra Granik, and stars Jennifer Lawrence. It explores the interrelated themes of close and distant relatives, the power and speed of gossip, patriarchy, self-sufficiency, and rural poverty in the Ozarks as they are affected by the ubiquitous underworld of illicit methamphetamine laboratories. The film has won numerous awards including the Grand Jury Prize: Dramatic Film Festival 2010 Sundance Film. He received four Oscar nominations in the categories between Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor.

After the release of the first film by Debra Granik Down to the Bone, Granik and co-writer Anne Rosellini were looking for another project. Granik Rosellini and informed the author Daniel Woodrell of interest in her yet unpublished material. They comment that he was receptive to their interests based on their previous work “He had seen our previous film, which let him know how we work and the kind of disjointed film that we do, what would be small budget. He had a very distinct and marked it informed us that he loved this film, which also had the “bones” word in it. It was called “Down to the Bone. And when we given that trust, he knew what we were doing, if expectations were appropriate, you know. “[2]

Granik also noted that the topic of methamphetamine and its impact on the Ozarks region was troubling for both players and the team. “I think the topic of methamphetamine for everyone involved – for local people and the crew – it was extremely overwhelming there is not one aspect of the research meth that is soft or benign. This it is a body of human beings, their faces, and their teeth. Everything is so vicious and so dramatic and so unrelenting. Basically, there is no solace in this representation all actuality of it. “[2]

Granik comments that the filmmakers Lawrence “obstacles” to create a spectacle more authentic and detailed. “I think Jennifer Lawrence received these very real settings in which the function and very real obstacles. She really had to run the hill. She really had to play her on screen brother and sister in something. It is beads and different types of animals to fight. And the fact that she had these real-life tasks, I think we started to feel that whatever the actress would have been more strictly to it and you the impression that she was not breathing only through experience.

The film won the Grand Jury Prize: Dramatic Film and Best Screenplay Prize at the Sundance Film Festival 2010 [12] He also received two awards at Film Festival 2010 Berlin, Germany. At the 2010 Stockholm International Film Festival, he won the Best Film, Best Actress (Lawrence) and FIPRESCI Prize [13].

The film won Best Picture and Best Ensemble Performance Gotham Awards 2010. [14] He won seven nominations at Independent Spirit Awards 2010, including best film, best director and best actress.

Bone winter: Jennifer Lawrence plays a teenage girl who defies Ozark Mountains code of their clan to hunt down her father’s crystal meth-making after he jumped bail and the family home is on the line. With a mother, brothers and sisters disabled youth facing poverty, she redefines family loyalty and confronts her parents to take home the father.
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