Steve Spurrier Clemson

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Steve Spurrier Clemson, When South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier talks, people listen, and the Old Ball Coach has failed to disappoint this week. Spurrier praised top ranked Alabama on Wednesday, telling Dan Patrick a match-up of the Crimson Tide vs. a lower echelon NFL team would make for an interesting match-up.

While there may not be a college team capable of beating Alabama — we’ll get a better sense this Saturday when it travels to LSU — the opposite is true were the Tide dropped into the NFC South. The Tide didn’t beat Cam Newton when he was Auburn, so I’d perish the thought of it doing so when he’s with Carolina. But could Alabama beat Kentucky basketball? Things to ponder at night…

In the wake of losing star running back by some projections until 2014, Spurrier has offered encouraging words for Lattimore’s future. Reports the Associated Press:

”The message he gave me was, `I’ll be back,”’ Spurrier said. ”So he’s coming back.”

”I told somebody, he might be the most popular Gamecock player ever,” Spurrier said.