So You Think You Can Dance Winner

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So You Think You Can Dance Winner, (New York Daily News) — It seems like yesterday was May in the calendar and we met a teenager with open eyes Wapakoneta, Ohio. Now here we are, barreling down in September, wondering whether Kent will take home the title of America’s favorite dancer in the final of the season tonight So you think You Can Dance.

The farm boy has certainly become the favorite candidate in recent weeks, Alex Wong since he broke his Achilles tendon and had to withdraw from the competition. But the final competition of Kent, Lauren and Robert, who put up a good performance in the control program of the night before, giving it their all in a record five routines.

Well, the votes are counted y. Now we just have to sit through Ellen DeGeneres Alex degrading memory in a recreation of his hip-hop routine with contraction. No, really going to happen. Why must Ellen bigfoot their way into all my favorite shows of reality and do something annoying, like a hug Tim Urban? She just better keep the distance from Jersey Shore. Hit your own pace, Ellen!

Anyway, let’s see …

Participants are wondering aloud what might feel like to win it all. Producers pre-recorded images of each walk to the edge of the stage and raise his arms in victory.

routine with the Top 11 and all the stars-Group. Remember that the girl tap? I do not either ’til now! Awww, Alex Wong rolling on the floor, sitting in a chair with hands fully capable tutting. Some Billy Bell action. The first three appear in the center of the amoeba dance. The routine was choreographed by a type of LXD – the League of extraordinary dancers. That’s (Harry Shum) Mike Chang ballet!

Caterpillar introduces our judges. Roll a montage of different hairstyles Nelson. Long, short, feathered, swung, the Rachel!

A montage of different vocal hiccups Mia. “Rings holes.” “Pure murderation.” “I processor.”

A montage of the faces of Adam Shankman. Angry, surprised, sexy, rare, Blue Steel, surprised.

And part of our permanent judges on the panel tonight are Tyce Diorio, Stacey Tookey, Kenny Ortega Hot Tamale aaaaaaand TRAIN MARY MURPHY Toot Toot!

Kent, Lauren and Robert recapitulate their own final performances. They loved everything and everyone and everything was their favorite season.

Cat Deeley said to have a special guest behind the scenes that we will not believe. “Spoiler alert: It’s Ellen. And I believe it. She is everywhere.

I think I need a subscription to Dance Spirit magazine.

The judges choose their favorite routines of the season to start over. Kenny up first. He chose baseball Tyce routine, with Kent and Neil. A great. He says Kent appropriate style so well that took him to the front runner.

So You Think You Can Dance Winner

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So You Think You Can Dance Winner, (Los Angeles Times (blog)) — Well, I was satisfied with the result of “Thursday sytycd” final: do you? Of course, there was a lot of things we enjoy (or fast forward through) before they have reached results.

The show opened with a group number with Christopher Scott Top 11 and All-Stars, which shows Melinda Alex dances and even hand still-sick.

Before the judges began to revise his favorite dances season, we saw some silly montages, but nice of judges, including one from Nigel different hairstyles, one of the words made up of Mia and Adam’s a different sexy-N ‘-serious facial expressions.

The encore began, as Kenny Ortega Kent selected and “Shoeless Joe Neil” routine, which was one of my favorites. But I was happy then, as elected by Nigel, Billy and “Ade Mad World.”

Then we broke for a funky, spirited performance of the guest crew Hok’s Quest, before Mia chose to repeat Adechike and Comfort “Fallin ‘.” Once again we saw Kent and “Anya My first kiss” and then another of my favorites of the season Sunday and creepy clown Robert routine “Scars.”

I’m still feeling all warm and fuzzy images of people celebrating the National Day of Dance, which is an example of why I admire Nigel Lythgoe. I could sit and count his millions as a television producer and personality, but that’s out there doing things like that happen. And it’s not too big to get up on stage and around the ham. I was a little sad because we did not see him dance, but it was fun to see him share the stage with taps of 7 years old prodigy Lucas.

Then the brothers showed us some adult Manzari tap. While watching I was thinking in the Hines brothers, so it is curious that when the brothers in Google I found this footage Maurice Hines of its adoption.

Back to the contestants. Nigel introduced Argentine tango Lauren and Pasha, and Adam and Robert Allison Fix selected “You”, which I think was actually better this time, thanks to Roberto improving throughout the season.

winner of last season, Russell returned to do a krump routine with Li’l C. I can not believe we only had a krump routine throughout the season … and appears Billy Bell.

Speaking of returns, Mary Murphy re-enter your favorite dance, Domingo and Jose battle “with the pace.” It was nice to see Mary again, but personally I think it was the perfect amount of Mary for the season. The shouts: I can only take so much.

Before our first round of results “, sytycd” done Bruce Charlie winning UK jazz dance with Mandy Moore, Neil. It was a lovely dance with some amazing catches, and she seems to deserve the exposure. I have friends who are international versions of the series when the U.S. version is in the air, so this is an example of what I’ve been missing.

Then we learned that came in third place in the competition and I’m sad to say that was Robert. I would have liked him better place than that, but I did not vote so I think I got what I deserved.

No time to mourn, however! On Lauren and repeated contraction My “Bad Chick”, which served as a good visual reminder of the strength of Lauren in different genera.

Alex has to live again in the competition while watching video of him singing “Hallelujah” with Allison, and then went to Billy and dance of Bollywood Robert and Neil Travis Kent and wonderful dance wall of a broken friendship.

Before reaching the program VERY SPECIAL SURPRISE SPECIAL GUEST (I can say I have a little sick of the exaggeration?), Black Gold The band came to perform the song “Shine” the song that the contestants “You lose! Go home! “packages are set.

Are you ready to know who the special surprise special guest was? I’ll give you a hint: It’s someone who used to be on a show that Nigel Lythgoe now (again) produces: Ellen DeGeneres! I have to admit that since receiving the news of his appearance on Wednesday, I was a little burned accumulation. But I turned away. He returned to play the role of Alex in his famous Nappytabs hip-hop routine with Twitch. The dance was edited a bit to Ellen could clown up but I have to admit, that did the work and it was clear that she practiced and taken seriously, so all the sarcasm aside: Go Ellen! After the ball was put in a plug for the National Day of Dance.

After this bit of fun was good news: We have a new winner of “sytycd” and is Lauren! Cue a burst of star-shaped confetti. Lauren looked thrilled, but Russell his presentation with a bottle of Gatorade was perhaps not as triumphant as if they delivered a huge bouquet of flowers. I loved the contestants had fun with her at the end of the show, his performance of his shoulders and throwing its coils.

So, yes, it was a strange season. I have seen other blogs dissect what went wrong with him, and if not will be remembered as the best season of the series, as someone who watched a long time a lot of reality shows on television, I am pleased that Nigel Lythgoe and other producers took some risks. A lot of other shows (“American Idol,” “Project Runway” “Top Chef,” “ANTM”) could use similar shocks, in my opinion, only because it shows more creativity and reflection that produce the same thing season after season . The biggest problem with the season, obviously, was the injury, and I think three hours a week throughout the season is a bit much. However, while the contestants missed bonding with each other at the beginning of the series, there is no doubt that dancing with All-Stars helped participants improve at an exponential rate. Not all the changes worked, but in general, in my opinion, change is good.

So You Think You Can Dance Russell Injured

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So You Think You Can Dance Russell Injured:
What a finale for krumper Russell Ferguson.

He experienced the highest of highs, earning the “So You Think You Can Dance” season 6 crown. However, the night was no fairytale for him.

Suffering an injury at the end of the hip hop number he performed with fellow finalists Legacy Perez and Kevin Hunte, Russell lost control of his emotions when he realized what had happened.

So what did happen?

“When I was coming up, back onto the stage after jumping off and being all in the camera’s face, I landed wrong,” Russell told us. “And I guess something got like shifted or like stretched out of place in my leg… It got real numb and swollen.”

So why was he able to jump for joy when he found out he’d won the competition an hour later?

As Russell explains in the clip below, he could walk and he could bend his leg, but he was unable to do what his dance pieces required. And knowing that he’d be benched for the rest of the night wasn’t easy for him to accept.

Having his parents in the audience for the first time, Russell was devastated that they wouldn’t be able to watch him perform again. But ultimately, it was his father’s presence that calmed him down.

“I got myself together once I saw my dad and once I did a little praying, so I’m fine. I’m fine, America.”
Indeed you are, Russell Ferguson.

And you’re also America’s Favorite Dancer.

Well deserved, my friend.

It’s been a pleasure watching you kill it week after week.

And your magnetic personality — which clearly came out to shine during our one-on-one time with you, post-finale — didn’t hurt you either…

He’s unhateable, no?

So tell us, are you as psyched for Russell as we are? Or did you have a different finalist in mind for the title?