PECO Power Outages

October 31, 2012 by · Comments Off on PECO Power Outages 

PECO Power Outages, Governor Tom Corbett chose to visit Dresher, Montgomery County – the site where power line repair crews are working to restore service. Out of state power crews are working 12-hour shifts to get PECO customers back on line.

“These are not easy things. You can plan for them but then you have to react. Planning has been going on and has helped us tremendosusly and you learn from it,” said Gov. Corbett.

Dresher resident Lora Ball, her family and their pets are surviving the large scale power outage with relative ease.

They have a gas fire place, and plenty of capacity to keep perishables.

“Yesterday I made a trip to Sam’s Club and picked up 15 bags of ice. I stacked the ice in the refridgerator and freezer but it’s starting to melt at this point,” said Ball.

The Ball family has to go to a relative’s house to shower in hot water as they wait for their power to come back on.

However, they know they are not suffering like so many others in the flood zones.

“We have it easy. It’s the other people we feel sorry for , the people in Atlantic City and other shore points,” said Ball.

PECO, reporting the largest share of outages in the state, has said it may take a week to restore everything.