Oroszlany, Hungary

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Oroszlany, Hungary, Oroszlány (archaic form of oroszlán, means lion; German: Ohreslahn) is a city in Hungary, Komárom-Esztergom county, Central Transdanubia region, located on the North-West flanks of the Vértes Mountains. It has a population of 20.487. The main tourist attraction of the town is the 18th century Camaldolese monastery of Majk.
The name of the town comes from the lion on the coat of arms of the Csák family that founded it.

There was a settlement in Környe near the town already during the Roman era (Quirinum), but there are also traces from even earlier from the Avar people whose presence is attested by the cemetery remains found in 1957 and 1973.

Its first mention is from 1383 when the name Oroszlankew (modern Hungarian: oroszlánkÅ‘ meaning lion/lion’s stone) appears and then it is mentioned in a 15th century deed as Possesio Orozlankew of the Csák family.

In 1536 the “Castle of OroszlánkÅ‘” is mentioned and then it is not mentioned any more among the populated settlements during the time of Turkish occupation. What is certain is that the Turks set to fire the castles of Tata, Gesztes and Vitány in their 1543 campaign so the castle of OroszlánkÅ‘ may also have shared their fate.