Oprah Sound Of Music Reunion

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Oprah Sound Of Music Reunion, The Sound of Music on Oprah meeting was nothing less than spectacular, as the sound of music cast celebrated the 45 anniversary of the film with a meeting. Look at the sound of music online Oprah highlighted in the video below.

All the original cast of The Sound of Music met for the Oprah Winfrey on 28 October. The Sound of Music, launched in 1965, was the Oscar-winning Rodgers and Hammerstein musical film starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.

The entire cast has been together for an interview because the film! Both Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer were on hand for The Sound of Music meeting Oprah – Christopher Plummer was 34 at the time they filmed The Sound of Music, Julie Andrews was 28 when she was elected.

Andrews talks about being a child prodigy and said it was a 10 on the stage. By the time she was 13, I really recognized his voice was a gift.

Julie Andrews also talks a bit about muscle striations on her vocal cords had retired in 1997. His voice was permanently damaged in surgery. She says she has about six bass notes and sing-speaks well now. It was a great loss in your life, but she began writing books.

It was a pleasure to see the actors playing the Von Trapp children in The Sound of Music – All Grown Up! Naturally, everyone has a great memory as to the film.

The Sound of Music special Oprah show cast of seven strangers to play Von Trapp children, chosen from more than 200 children who auditioned, including Mia Farrow!

Christopher Plummer, has never participated in a musical sound before the meeting – calling the film in the past said that his role of Captain Von Trapp was not one that wants to be remembered for most, noting that he did not “The Sound of Mucus “. ‘T think that the character was human enough.

Oprah Sound of Music meeting also featured a performance by musical group The Von Trapp children, which includes members of the royal family Von Trapp.

How do you like the sound of music meeting Oprah? I loved all the behind the scenes material!