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Ut Campus, The Austin Statesman is reporting an “active shooting situation” on the campus of the University of Texas. A spokeswoman said that an “armed suspect” in the Perry-Casta?eda Library (pictured) has skyrocketed. No information on other victims yet. Updates below.

An employee who works down the street said that the warning sirens went around 8:40 am this morning. “The building has been blocked and can not believe you’re letting anyone inside or outside,” he says. The officials allegedly sent a text message around the campus this morning to tell people to stay inside and lock doors. ”

Update 2: Police spokeswoman Rhonda Wheldon AP says “no one [adem?s the gunman] was reported injured.”

Also: Local news in Texas says that a second suspect. And now the university police say they are seeking a second suspect.

Update 3: One of the suspects shot and killed himself with an AK-47 on the sixth floor of the library, according to a spokesman for the UT. “We have no reports of anyone shooting at this point,” he says. Police are still seeking the second suspect. Witnesses report hearing about ten shots.

Noted: a coalition of conservatives and liberals on the UT campus tonight “will be hosted by John Lott, the famous defender of gun rights and author of” More Guns, Less Crime “book.”

Until noon, the campus has been closed and police are still looking for a possible second suspect, the police chief said that “we have a report of a second suspect wearing a hat with a long rifle, dressed in jeans and a top black you’re looking for that may or may not be a white man. ”

Here’s a video of a small army of SWAT team members walking around the UT campus. Creepy.


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Kvue, Unfortunately it seems that history itself has maintained throughout the Austin campus of the University of Texas.

KVUE, KXAN, and alternative news agency internal reports of the president only entered the campus living room expulsion shots senseless before shooting himself followed in his death.

Because the descriptions of reality are quite deceptive, and probability that the second gunman entered the campus block mode.

In 1966, an individual entered the banishment of the construction of pointless time footage that followed in fourteen deaths before he was shot by police.

Because of misleading descriptions and a series of shots, the military is not yet ruled out the likelihood that the second shooter.


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Kxan, The main campus in Austin, is the second most populous campus in the U.S. This is one of the University of Texas at El Paso HomeThe Official Site of the University of Texas at El Paso. Located in El Paso, Texas, UTEP is the country’s leading engineering and research institute for the Hispanic population., AThe Texas search for second suspect in the incident Tuesday morning at the University of Texas continues, as vehicles armored vehicles and helicopters surround the scene on campus. Oscar Trevino said his daughter, Martina, is an employee of the University of Texas and went to work when he saw the gunman behind her as he fired.

Texas Stadium, all the way until the birth of the Cowboys in 1960. “I became interested when I used to go to the Cotton Bowl,” he said. Zone could buy tickets for a dollar. They have come a long way, right? “When the news of a new home field for the Cowboys always filtered, Burns’s husband was ready to attack.” My husband bought bonds when stadiumThe was built Pflugerville Independent School District expects to run a campaign presence than parents and students twice before the season is not in school as a “viewer’s” two important takeaways. Students who are in school regularly tend to have better grades than those that accumulate a lot of absences.

The Pflugerville Independent School District expects to run a campaign over the presence of parents and students twice before the season is not in the school as a “spectator – who has” two major takeaways. Students who are in school regularly tend to have better grades than those that accumulate a lot of absences.

Austin American Statesman

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Austin American Statesman,A man fired “a number of shots” in a library at the University of Texas and then himself, Austin American Statesman reports.

The police “are looking for a second possible suspect” since this morning, according to the report.

UT was the landscape of one of the shootings at the university better known in U.S. history: Charles Joseph Whitman, a college student and former Marine, killed 14 and wounded 32 in a mass shooting in August 1966.

Tuesday’s event features a live test of the systems response to the crisis all the universities have been created in the many years since then, a pattern that has been extended following the Virginia Tech slaughter of 2007.


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Kxan, AUSTIN (KXAN) – A tornado warning in place until 19:15 for areas in southeastern Travis County. Residents in areas near Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, Del Valle and nearby towns should take precautions. This is a possible sighting, such as conditions of heavy rain prevented clear vision.

Often tornado warnings are issued during a hurricane or tropical storm. This was the case several times on Tuesday as Tropical Storm Hermine landfall in Texas. If you were to divide a hurricane / tropical storm into quarters like a cake that you consider the upper right side as the more likely it is that the tornado in it. Why?

Conditions for help:

* VERTICAL DIRECTIONAL wind shear – Significant changes in wind direction with height.
* FRICTION – A force of some kind that slows the forward motion and reduces energy.
* LA average levels of the atmosphere – is among the lower and upper levels of the troposphere. This is 6000-25000 feet above the surface, and about as high as an airplane flies.
* Troposphere – The lowest layer of the three main “areas” in our atmosphere. This is the layer over time.

First let me tell you a little about the storm itself. Tropical systems are sometimes viewed as low-pressure large “heat engine.” They need warm, moist air to live. Obviously we are in the northern hemisphere. Our low pressure systems rotate counterclockwise in one way, while in the southern hemisphere the opposite happens.

Part of the reason F1-2 weak tornadoes spin-up is due to increased wind shear in the northeast section. In the northern hemisphere, the right side of the experience of hurricane winds from the ocean to land (because the flow from the left). Wind has a smooth surface on which the water flow and the friction – hills, like, rough terrain, and sometimes even buildings – whichever is less.

As the winds on the right side of the movement of the hurricane inland, the strength of the forces of air friction to turn this inward toward low pressure, thus setting the stage for the vertical wind shear (spin) of the low levels of the troposphere. The wind in the middle levels is not turned as sharply as the wind near the surface. The increase in speed and direction of wind shear the hurricane in this section generates short-lived, small tornadoes also known as “spin-ups.”

Because they generally are small and fast training can be difficult to detect on radar, so it can appear without warning. So we must be especially alert if you are in the northeast section of the tropical storm. And this applies also to ships. Waterspouts are not at all uncommon for a tropical event.

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