North Korea First Lady Pregnant

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North Korea First Lady Pregnant, The wife of North Korea’s leader has resurfaced in public for the first time in almost two months, after apparently dropping off the state news agenda and prompting some to speculate that she either had fallen from favor–or was pregnant.

Her reappearance came when the Korean Central News Agency reported that Ri Sol Ju and her husband, Kim Jong Un, attended a soccer game and a performance by the Moranbong band on Oct. 29.

It had been about 50 days since North Koreans last heard of their first lady.

Her media absence had fueled speculation in South Korea that Ri might be pregnant. In her last appearances, her belly had appeared slightly swollen.

And in a photo released by the news agency on Oct. 30, Ri’s belly again appeared rounded, bolstering the theory that a fourth-generation successor to the Kim dynasty could be on the way.

But in a separate assessment, South Korea’s intelligence agency said Ri might have been come under pressure from others to stay out of the limelight. It said senior party cadres might have resented her taking center stage in recent public appearances.

When Ri first emerged as Kim’s companion in July, North Korean media covered her activities through August intensively.

But the Tokyo-based news agency Radio Press, which monitors such news reports, said there had been no word of her since Sept. 8.