Shawnee Mountain

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Shawnee Mountain, Pocono ski resorts depend on business from New York and Philadelphia areas. So what happens when people can not come here? The answer came Monday in the form of small crowds, but the stations are optimistic that attendance will resume later in the week, when the cities of digging the blizzard that engulfed the extreme east coast.

“We’ll probably have to pay a price (Monday) for the benefit later in the week,” said spokesman Jim Tust said Shawnee Mountain. “But we never look a gift horse in the mouth.” The ski areas have all seen the accumulation of snow, with Jack Frost Big Boulder in Blakeslee reports about 8 inches of new snow. This is nothing compared to what was happening in the city of New York and Philadelphia metropolitan areas. The storm Sunday night and Monday morning took a strange way – he paralyzed New York and Philadelphia metropolitan areas, but was somewhat lenient on the Pennsylvania Poconos and Northeast.

The New York region saw 2 feet of snow or more, and the Philadelphia area was far more than a foot Monday morning. At home in the Poconos, the extreme does not seem to be much more than half a foot of accumulation in the biggest problem areas, while most of the region has not more than a few centimeters. Alpine Mountain CEO Scott Matthews has caused some slowdown for the holiday weekend. Business he said Sunday was slow due to the threat of the storm, and on Monday started sluggish.

“Once everyone woke up in the morning and realized they were still alive and there was plenty of milk and eggs to go around,” he said tongue-in-cheek, “we started working around 11 hours” Matthews said a couple of tour buses in the region of New York scheduled for Monday canceled downhill. “They said they could not even move,” he said. “No question, the storm was a negative for these days.”

However, attendance may be the extent of the rest of the week ski areas. The weather will be ideal for the end of December, with temperatures reaching the 40s by the weekend and no more snowstorms in the forecast. The winds were blowing snow on roads and trails Sunday and Monday is supposed to die in the middle of the week. The winds will remain in the 30 mph range today over the mountains, however. Any snow in the Philadelphia and New York City is one of the positive areas, ski officials said, to get people excited about skiing. “As the week continues, the number of skiers will do more,” said Tust. “Snow in the metropolitan area is always a plus.”