Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park Indonesia

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Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park Indonesia, Closeup shot of fear after a little stunt that could have resulted … by real shots. It is about 18 hours on Tuesday, when a pedestrian passes an emergency call to the police to report a robbery in progress at a store in the Golden Street in Montargis, Loiret.

Two masked men were seen inside a store Zappos. Face hidden behind a scarf and equipped with handguns, they obviously started to rob the shelves under the helpless gaze of customers. The attack coincided with the sale of GTA V, the most anticipated game of the year.

The police took the matter very seriously in a few minutes, the store can be found surrounded by a task force of fifteen officers of the BAC and the research section, equipped with machine guns, and ready to battle with a squad of ultra-violent robbers.

Outfits gangsters to ensure the show
Suddenly a woman appeared from inside the store. Totally freaked out, the manager of the store Zappos has found the police to tell them that the robbers are actually … its own sales! “A passing thought that was pointing me,” mumbled the shopping.