South Dakota Road Conditions

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South Dakota Road Conditions, A winter storm system covered a band of Plains and Upper Midwest snow and ice, with most snowfall in Minnesota and the Dakotas. Hundreds of flights were canceled Sunday at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, officials said. School systems that have not been closed for Presidents Day (Monday) were closed due to storm. Interstates like skating rinks and officials warned people to stay put as the winds whipped the snow and reduced visibility. The snow began falling Sunday morning and continued until midnight Monday, a federal holiday. Up a foot of snow fell in South Dakota and around 10 inches in southwest North Dakota North, meteorological services said.

In the area of Yankton, SD, a thick layer of ice coated trees and many a mast 35 meters high was reversed, apparently crushed by the ice at its base, the press (Yankton) & Dakota reported. Parts of Nebraska, Iowa and Wisconsin were disrupted by rain and ice glazed highways and making travel treacherous. The mixture of ice was expected to push north and east on Monday in southern Michigan, northern Ohio and northwestern Pennsylvania, said. South Dakota Department of Transportation has opened this section of road Monday morning. It was closed on Sunday, when a snowstorm moved across the state.

Although I-90 is open again, officials remind drivers that winter driving conditions still exist, including some snow packed and slippery and possible areas of blowing snow. Crews went to work to clear roads, so drivers are urged to slow down and make plows plenty of room. I-29 between Sioux Falls and the North Dakota border remains closed and there is not advisable to travel on many roads in northern South Dakota. Before hitting the road, be sure to check the latest road conditions in South Dakota. Motorists can again travel on Interstate 90 between the wall and Chamberlain.


Mn Dot Road Conditions

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Mn Dot Road Conditions, (ABC 6 News) – The Minnesota Department of Transportation calls the roads and highways in southern Minnesota difficult Monday and completely covered in northern Iowa. If you were on the road this weekend you could see some of the results of the storm last winter. A member of the ABC 6 News was on Interstate 35 south of Sunday, when traffic was slow and the conditions were dangerous.

Heavy snowfall in central and southern Minnesota on Sunday led to hundreds of flight cancellations and make road travel difficult and dangerous. By Sunday evening, the snowfall reached 10 cm or more in many places in the southern half of the state. Bloomington has received at least 15 inches, 14 inches Eden Prairie, Maplewood 11 inches. MPR meteorologist Paul Huttner said the snow has been reduced from by Monday morning. At noon on Monday, more than a foot of snow is expected in the Twin Cities and most of central Europe and southern Minnesota. MnDOT advises no travel in most parts of Minnesota reported difficult driving conditions on most roads south of St. Cloud. Travel on Interstate 35 north of Duluth was also considered “difficult”. Minnesota State Patrol responded to 284 accidents statewide 9:00 to 6:30 p.m. Sunday, including 37 involving injuries. There were no fatalities, but an additional 368 vehicles spun off the road and five semifinals jacknifed.

The State Patrol said 211 of the plant and more than 100 spin-offs were in the Twin Cities area, including a police car that was hit. “It’s down to a fairly rapid pace, and I advise that if you do not need to travel today, it’s probably a good day to sit inside,” said the spokesman Eric Roeske Minnesota State Patrol.

Roeske said roads, just south of the metro have been hardest hit so far. Roeske asked motorists to slow down, wear their seat belts, and leave enough time to get to their destination. MnDOT had its full quota of snowplows on the roads, but the decline is faster than drivers can push it, spokesman Kevin Gutknecht said. Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, spokeswoman Melissa Strovonsky said Delta has canceled 700 flights. These flights were originally scheduled to or from Minneapolis before midnight Sunday. Sunday afternoon, 450 of the 560 arrivals and departures listed – about 78 percent of flights – have been canceled. Scovronski said there would be many more cancellations Sunday and Monday.
The Metrodome’s roof collapsed over two months, but officials are still keeping an eye on the facility during the storm. On 12 December blizzards first a broken side panel and let the air out of a building support. Snow load of the storm broke at least three more panels, and did minor damage inside. Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission Executive Director Bill Lester said that while the roof is scheduled for replacement, his staff does most of the roof to fall in