Dallas Weather

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Dallas Weather, (AP) – In Chicago, the National Weather Service warned that winds gusting up to 60 mph could produce waves on Lake Michigan to 25 feet, leading to coastal flooding and freezing spray considerable, especially along the main street of the town of Lake Shore Drive.

School districts, universities and legislatures closed, airlines canceled thousands of flights. Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport closed because of an ice storm.

Governors in Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Illinois have declared a state of emergency, even though the storm has just arrived. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon activated 600 members of the National Guard.

Warming centers were set up around Missouri in anticipation of power outages. St. Louis has been proactively calling needy officials to verify their well being and develop additional beds for the homeless.

The Illinois legislature canceled meetings for the week because of travel problems expected.

High winds and falling temperatures have led to the issuance of a notice of wind chill, which is rare for North Texas. The wind chill advisory is in effect until 6 am Wednesday.

Wind chill values plunge below zero today and tonight as the first squalls continue north.

A major event in the winter weather continues in north Texas as we begin in February. The rain changed to freezing rain and sleet at night and temperatures dropped rapidly in the 20s before dawn Tuesday morning. The rain fades in the late morning, but the wind-driven snow will do for the occasion by low visibility in areas that received snow.

There were rounds of overnight thunderstorms and periods of heavy snow and ice several inches of snow and ice dumped in the Metroplex. Heavier amounts were generally in the northern half of the DFW area.