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Cy Fair ISD, Power outages are throwing an interesting twist to school officials this morning that there off campus for a period of time. The Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District is the latest to announce that the campuses are open during rolling blackouts are expected to last between 15 to 30 minutes. It follows that Houston ISD is, though officials their suspect that the current is cut in two schools for reasons other than power outages. As we reported, students from Pin Oak Middle School moved to Challenge Early College High School in Houston Community College, and Kashmere High School class is held at Key East.

Klein ISD notifies parents via Twitter not to worry if they cannot get through school on the phone. This probably is a problem in other districts as well. Blame the power outages.
The rolling blackouts and extreme weather conditions across the state Wednesday forced a number of schools to close or move classes to a new location.

HISD this power to pin Oak Middle School has been restored. Children have not been moved to another location.

The power in Kashmir High School was restored and students at Key Middle School sent earlier today to return to their home campus.

HISD also said there would be no football games played Friday.

Fort Bend ISD, Alief ISD, Klein ISD and Cy-Fair ISD said the school is in session and will focus on failures to roll as they come.

Spring ISD will dismiss early due to power outages and the need to conserve energy. All schools dismiss three hours after the regular starting time. Transit buses will follow the early dismissal schedule. For more information on the exact time, contact your child’s school.


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ERCOT, Two men from Odessa 20 years spend more than 2 years behind bars on charges of cocaine. Juan Vargas and Edgar Lujan were convicted in federal court Tuesday to 30 months for possession with intent to distribute. Both admitted being involved in a high-speed chase in August, when Vargas struck a police vehicle lae in an escape attempt before being caught.
The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, ordered the power brownouts rolling Wednesday in San Marcos and throughout Texas, as part of a statewide response to the large power demand caused by winter cold.

Brownouts are a response to load pre-planned triggered by heavy power use. Rolling brownouts are controlled, temporary interruptions of electricity service, which lasts from 10 to 45 minutes per quarter.

“These voltage drops are made to avoid uncontrolled, widespread power outages across the state,” said Tom Taggart, director of public services.

Circuits feeding different sections of the city from three positions in San Marcos have been subjected to rolling brownouts. Traffic signals will be affected by brownouts and will be restored to normal function when reaction.

Residents are also reports of water service freezes their home systems, which may require the assistance of thaw or plumbers. The city has suspended meter reading to avoid freezing feet, Taggart said.

If people lose power, it should be restored in about 45 minutes. If the power is more than an hour, customers can call 512-393-8313 for assistance.

Electric Reliability Council of Texas has ordered utilities to begin rotating power cuts to offset a shortage of electricity due to the extremely cold weather.

The order took effect Wednesday morning, a day after an ice storm and snow-blanketed parts of Texas.

Consumers and businesses are encouraged to reduce their electricity use. ERCOT had no timetable for when rotating blackouts would end.

TheERCOT region includes Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, Abilene, and the Rio Grande Valley.ERCOT manages the flow of electricity to approximately 22 million customers in Texas.

Rotating blackouts are defined as “controlled, temporary interruptions of electricity service and usually last from 10 to 45 minutes per quarter.”

Customers need critics, such as hospitals and nursing homes, are generally excluded from failures. for online ERCOT, which operates the power grid in much of Texas, imposed on power outages due to the loss of several power plants during the night during an ice storm Wednesday, a spokesman said ERCOT.

She could not say when the blackouts would end. The network operator urged consumers to reduce their energy consumption.
Electricity traders said that prices were ERCOT Hourly $ 2,000 per megawatt-hour, 50 cons and where he usually negotiated. (Reporting by Scott DiSavino, edited by John Picinich)


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Kxan, The main campus in Austin, is the second most populous campus in the U.S. This is one of the University of Texas at El Paso HomeThe Official Site of the University of Texas at El Paso. Located in El Paso, Texas, UTEP is the country’s leading engineering and research institute for the Hispanic population., AThe Texas search for second suspect in the incident Tuesday morning at the University of Texas continues, as vehicles armored vehicles and helicopters surround the scene on campus. Oscar Trevino said his daughter, Martina, is an employee of the University of Texas and went to work when he saw the gunman behind her as he fired.

Texas Stadium, all the way until the birth of the Cowboys in 1960. “I became interested when I used to go to the Cotton Bowl,” he said. Zone could buy tickets for a dollar. They have come a long way, right? “When the news of a new home field for the Cowboys always filtered, Burns’s husband was ready to attack.” My husband bought bonds when stadiumThe was built Pflugerville Independent School District expects to run a campaign presence than parents and students twice before the season is not in school as a “viewer’s” two important takeaways. Students who are in school regularly tend to have better grades than those that accumulate a lot of absences.

The Pflugerville Independent School District expects to run a campaign over the presence of parents and students twice before the season is not in the school as a “spectator – who has” two major takeaways. Students who are in school regularly tend to have better grades than those that accumulate a lot of absences.

Austin American Statesman

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Austin American Statesman,A man fired “a number of shots” in a library at the University of Texas and then himself, Austin American Statesman reports.

The police “are looking for a second possible suspect” since this morning, according to the report.

UT was the landscape of one of the shootings at the university better known in U.S. history: Charles Joseph Whitman, a college student and former Marine, killed 14 and wounded 32 in a mass shooting in August 1966.

Tuesday’s event features a live test of the systems response to the crisis all the universities have been created in the many years since then, a pattern that has been extended following the Virginia Tech slaughter of 2007.

Austin News

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Austin News, A man armed with automatic weapons, only to death after being shot several rounds in the morning in the library of the University of Texas at Austin campus, in a scene of the fire closest to the most famous school of history United States, according to reports from local media and universities.Although no injuries, is seeking a second shooter by the authorities on their website, the university said at 9: 43 PM CDT “The man armed suspect in the library of PCL is dead “in reference to the Perry Castaneda Library, Central Library of campus expansion.

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When there is no such thing happen to have a campus system, which comes into force. sirens and made the announcement through the speakers on the campus of the population to stay and remain in the buildings that is the situation in which we are now, “Hill said.I want you to know that the school is closed. All students, faculty, staff and visitors should stay home and follow the instructions (speaker, message, text messages and the uniformed police). You will be notified when the situation stabilizes. “

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