Kayak Man Catches Fish

December 22, 2012 by · Comments Off on Kayak Man Catches Fish 

Kayak Man Catches Fish, David Lamoureux heads off the Outer Cape near Provincetown into the deepest waters of New England in a feather-light, recreational kayak carrying 50 to 75 pounds of fishing and lifesaving equipment, most of it packed around or directly on his 6-foot-1 inch, 195-pound body in the tiny cockpit.

The fishing gear includes a paddle, a harpoon, 3- to 4-inch fishing hooks, two fishing rods and extra tackle, three types of pliers and six to eight custom rigged frozen ballyhoo bait. The lifesaving equipment, most of which is attached to his person, includes a GPS, two compasses, fog horn, whistle, flares, a life preserver, ocean diving fins, VHF radio, cell phone, three knives and 5-Hour energy drink.

Just to get to the water, Lamoureux lugs the gear and the 50-pound kayak alone through the dunes’ deep sand from parking lots at Race Point or Head of the Meadow beaches. He says launching off the dunes is difficult. “The hard part is dragging the gear in and out.”

Then what Lamoureux calls the “fun part” begins: battling a 100-pound plus bluefin tuna from his kayak. Lamoureux’s longest struggle was this summer with a 400-pound bluefin, which pulled him 15 miles for four and a half hours. When the line finally broke, he says, ”It was the one time I was relieved to lose the fish. It starts getting dangerous when you’re really tired.”

After that gargantuan effort, Lamoureux was still four miles off shore and seven miles from his launching point and the return trek back to his car with the kayak and gear.