Julie Bowen breastfeeding

October 30, 2012 by · Comments Off on Julie Bowen breastfeeding 

Julie Bowen breastfeeding, Modern Family’s Julie Bowen shows that she is a modern mommy on tomorrow’s episode of The Doctors, revealing a hidden talent. “Breastfeeding was really easy for me,” says the mother of three. “It was easy for me to do, so I did it. And I was working a lot, and it made me feel good that this was something I could do.”

The two-time Emmy winner also seems to have a knack for multi-tasking.

“I’d drive around town with the breast pump on,” Julie says. “My sister would call me on the Bluetooth speakerphone, and she’d be like, ‘What is that [sound]? Oh god, you’re pumping?'”

Tune in on Tuesday, Oct 30 (check local listings) to hear the rest of Julie’s interview which includes Halloween safety tips.