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Eric Johnson Nfl, People have flocked to the internet on Lindsay Lohan returns! Somehow. Jessica Simpson is engaged to Eric Johnson. Are Robert Pattinson and Daniel Radcliffe vendetta? John Travolta pilots a jumbo jet with his pregnant wife. Gossip round Sunday is a non-stop flight to Funtown.

Have you felt a strange vibration in your heart lately? Lindsay Lohan has left rehab for a day for good behavior. His assistant Eleonore long suffering took it and brought it home to Los Angeles so she can pick things up and relax. Of course, every time that Lilo is not in some sort of institution, glom problems on it. Yesterday was her father Michael Lohan, Lindsay, who had security guards evicted from his apartment building after showing up unexpectedly. He said he had brought Chinese food. Dumplings sadness. Now, Lindsay is back in rehab until January 3. [TMZ, TMZ]

If you were hoping to wake up and see that Jessica Simpson was engaged to another guy hunky is an exceptional day. Five years after separation from Nick Lachey, Simpson to commit to boyfriend Eric Johnson, a former NFL player. Only a matter of time before they can install and start having a reality show. [Us Weekly]

When rumors of a feud between Daniel Radcliffe and Robert Pattinson has emerged, teenagers around the world prepare for battle, the sculpture of their copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in daggers, and put on their T-shirts Twlight wire tourniquet with which to strangle the enemy. Stand Down, the warriors of love! There is no rivalry, after Harry Potter star Radcliffe: “Someone mentioned this supposed rivalry between Robert Pattinson and [me], and what is great about this is, between the pair of us, we are striking a blow to the pale man.”Thus, because they are both white, they obviously can not quarrel? Daniel Radcliffe is a white supremacist!?!?!?!?!? [People]

Kourtney Kardashian appeared on the soap opera “One Life to Live.” “She’ll play a sexy lawyer who develops a love / eat relationship” with one of the characters in the series. [TMZ]

Hockey player Sean Avery and Henrik Lundqvist stopped by any Scarlet Johansson was rehearsing for an upcoming “Saturday Night Live” concert accommodation. They did a “double take” when they saw you. Because she is beautiful … Hm. Would it not is more news if they did not do a double take? [P6]

Kelly Preston is working, which means that her husband, actor and airline enthusiast John Travolta was forced to end his trip at a charity event in Australia in early and fly his personal jet to catch jumbo birth. Preston should have the baby on the plane! Maybe that will give him the ability to fly far from John Travolta. [Radar]

Super plastinated former model Janice Dickinson is not invited to the memorial service for “plastic surgeon to the stars” Dr. Frank Ryan, who recently died in a car accident. She blamed his death on his texting while driving, which seems to be supported by the fact that he posted a picture of his dog just before it crashed twitter. [P6]

R & B singer Ne-Yo is a new father. His girlfriend gave birth to a baby girl. She-Yo? [People]

Nobu 57 Leader Dean Sheremet, who had his heart broken by cheating LeAnn Rimes, is engaged. [Us Weekly]

Eric Johnson

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Eric Johnson, Former “Newlyweds” star Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson is back in the fairway – but not with each other.

About a week after Simpson’s ex-husband has announced his engagement to longtime girlfriend and former MTV “TRL” host Vanessa Minnillo, the singer representing mogul confirmed Sunday (Nov. 14) it is planned to exchange vows with her boyfriend, Eric Johnson.

“Yes, we are delighted to confirm that they are engaged! Her rep told People.

Simpson and Johnson, a football player, have been dating since May. The star has recently announced its future plans for thanksgiving and revealed that she and her fiance athlete spend the holidays together.

“We’ll all be in New York,” she told People last month. “I’ll be on the char a [Macy’s parade]. This is not always the best way to spend Thanksgiving, but c is a great way to celebrate. So maybe I’ll have all the families on the float. ”

Although rumors have arisen suggesting that Simpson has a broken heart is the former husband to marry Minnillo, the artist had recently shot down reports that problems with the commitment of Lachey.

“I do not know where these rumors came from,” Simpson told Ryan Seacrest on Thursday. “My mother called me and actually said that everyone said I was” saddened “. I was just in shock. I could not be happier for Nick. ”

She kept the drama between the two is long gone, and had nothing but positive things to say about Lachey and his wife.

“Our relationship has been for a very long time and it would be nice if everyone could move forward with us and really just to celebrate the love between him and Vanessa,” she said. “I’m doing and I wish them nothing but the best.”

Dukes Of Hazzard

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Dukes Of Hazzard, Dukes of Hazzard “by Modern Publications
I’ll preface today TCC with the confession that I have little or no nostalgia for the Dukes of Hazzard. I do not hate him or people like him are stupid, just do not really dig.

My best memory of the show is that it became the subject of my first “dick move” as a child. When it first aired, my friend Neil and I started arguing with another boy on the block that could be described as “tense.” We went on about how cool it was, how she was missing, blah, blah, blah.

About a month later, she came running to us saying he had seen and I loved the Dukes. He simply said: “This shows that babies” and went on KISS records or something. If you’re reading this, Michael, I apologize, trust me when I say that I have more than paid for that one.

Anyway, you may have noticed the cost of this sucker, and 7.95 is quite Steap of a coloring book now, not to mention 1980, but I want to preface this thing is thicker than my local phone book . Let’s look at the bowels of wonder after the jump.

Jessica Simpson

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Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson:According to USMagazine — Is Jessica Simpson has a new special person in your life?

Maybe, maybe not.

The star of 29 years of age, came in a yellow dress for dinner at the White House Correspondents’ Saturday’s Association in Washington, DC – and talked about his romantic situation

The issue arose as Simpson explains how he keeps to herself and her self-esteem.

“Eat whatever makes you feel good. Exercise whenever you want. Just be careful of yourself,” Simpson warned us.

“I think when we’re in love when we love in our lives, when look beautiful.”

So, the price of the star of beauty have love in your life?

“I have some situations that I’m out,” he said cryptically.

Although he was linked with rocker Billy Corgan earlier this year, Simpson’s latest romance was confirmed with football star Tony Romo. He dumped after a year and a half of dating in July – the night before his 29th birthday.

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