Isabelle Caro Photos

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Isabelle Caro Photos, Really feel very sad when we see the photos and condition of Isabelle Caro photos that were published in 2007 was shocking. They have shown once a beautiful woman who struggled against a disease called anorexia nervosa. Today, the world learns that the woman who bared her body and soul is dead at the 28. Although the news has spread like wildfire, the sadness of knowing that she passed on about a month ago before her family certainly has unveiled details of people puzzled.

The photos of this model, once thriving in 2007 gave the world a glimpse of modeling, fashion and us. Show how a disease has taken hold of Caro and did not release how she shared her body image had regained her world. She was frail, her skin scaly, her teeth and her hair falling into ruin. She pointed out the defects of anorexia, and she knew that was the price for having a serious illness.

Today, when the world wondered about the life of Isabelle Caro, we have to show great honor. She gave amazing result abnegation up call to all those who wanted to starve themselves or felt they should be at a certain weight in certain occupations. Caro has shown us what happens when we go too far with a weight on. For that we are eternally grateful. On the death of the young age of 28, Isabelle Caro has waived her greatest possession trying to get the perfect body image. She gave up her life.

Isabelle Caro Before And After

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Isabelle Caro Before And After, Her photo shows her nkd body emaciated, in a campaign against anorexia, especially in the worlds of fashion, had created controversy in 2007: Isabelle Caro, a former supermodel and French actress died at age 28.

Neither the precise reasons for his death on November 17 and Wednesday 20 revealed, nor the place, have been unveiled.

His friend, the Swiss singer, Vincent Bigler, who was recording a video clip with her on a song dealing with the disease, entitled “I Quit” (sic), praised the young woman on her website confirming its disappearance.

“She had been hospitalized for 15 days for pneumonia and she was very tired lately, but I do not know the cause of his death,” said the singer, cited by 20

Originally from Marseille, Isabelle Caro, was asked in 2007 before the lens of photographer Oliviero Toscani featured in a campaign sponsored by the Italian clothing brand “No-I-ita”, to expose the misdeeds of anorexia and its consequence inevitable.

“The thinness that causes death and that is everything but beauty is just the opposite,” she said, hoping that the “girls” who would see his picture would include the morbid reality hidden behind the image, “the finery and beautiful hair “women’s magazines.

She said he wanted to “raise awareness” about the disease that affects many models. “This photo unvarnished and without makeup I do not highlight. The message is clear: I have psoriasis, chest tomb, a body of elderly ‘,” she said, explaining his approach.

The young woman suffered from anorexia since the age of 13 years, which had plunged into such a coma in 2006 when she weighed only 25 kg for 1m65. But she decided to get out and fought, announcing in early 2010 having reached the weight of 42 kg.

As a result of the case had cast opprobrium on the world of fashion, professionals were committed to take measures not to accept too skinny supermodels.

However, only Spain uses today to binding rules.

Professionals of fashion in France, Italy, the United States and Great Britain are sticking to self-regulation, charters worthless bond.

Madrid has banned models below a certain body mass index in September 2006. Only young women whose body mass index (BMI, weight in kilograms divided by height squared) greater than 18 (over 56 kg for 1m75) are now allowed to parade.

In Italy, anti-anorexia manifesto adopted in February 2007 is “forward a model of healthy beauty, solar, generous, Mediterranean”. In London, the recommendations of the British Fashion Council – a medical certificate and, if a young girl suffering from eating disorders, the condition is “under control” – are now mandatory.

Professionals of fashion, advertising and media in France have pledged to ban the broadcast of images of models of excessive thinness.

Figurehead of the fight against anorexia, the psychiatrist Marcel Rufo responded on RTL, lamenting the death of a “powerful symbol, energetic, brilliant in this fight.”

“Especially toward the families of adolescent anorexic that my thoughts are, of course, the anorexic, but also to the survivors of that battle lost, which I wanted to get closer. I’m a fighter important,” he said.

Anorexia affects 30,000 to 40,000 people in France, according to the Ministry of Health.