San Antonio Weather

September 7, 2010 by · Comments Off on San Antonio Weather 

San Antonio Weather, San Antonio weather condition is not good and the area is under threat of heavy rains and flooding. According to reports, the National Weather Service (NWS) has issued warnings of floods and the recommendations of the winds of San Antonio and South Texas since Tropical Storm Hermine goes to the Alamo City.

Officials have issued warnings to the natives and recent reports say that the warnings will remain intact after 1 am Tuesday (07 September) until Wednesday morning.

San Antonio’s time is full of heavy rain from Tropical Storm Hermine is expected to continue absorbing the San Antonio all day and on Tuesday night as the storm system makes moves towards the northwest from southern Texas.

From the beginning, the rains have not caused problems, but later, causing several traffic during rush hour moorings. Around 7 am, traffic seemed light, but by the time clocks, police said at 7:40 am in San Antonio was working in nearly 40 accidents.

Officials have given to preparing for emergencies and other reference works. The utilities and organizations of law enforcement are fully prepared for barricading, rescue and traffic control from the state of San Antonio is the weather is not good, and experts have warned the rains probably strong winds and flooding.

The Indians also have been warned to be alert and cautious.