Houston Traffic

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Houston Traffic, Houston was under a winter storm warning until noon, local time and not less than 3 inches (7.6 centimeters) of sleet and ice can accumulate, according to the National Weather Service. Dallas and Fort Worth were covered by no less than 6 inches of snow, according to AccuWeather Inc. in State College, Pennsylvania. At least 100 traffic accidents were reported in the Houston area today, prompting officials to close highways of ice coated the Houston Chronicle reported. “It will be winter precipitation all the way to the Gulf Coast,” said Dan Pydynowski, a senior meteorologist at AccuWeather. He said sleet and ice could reach all the way to Brownsville, Texas to the Mexican border.

Earlier this week, a giant snowstorm across the northern United States to land nearly 13,000 flights in Chicago and pounded with wind gusts of 70 mph (113 kph) and 20 inches of snow. Cold in Texas Three hundred flights were canceled Friday at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, while airport Dallas Love Field was closed, officials said. “We cleared a runway (at the airport of Love), but there are roads to get to the track which remains a problem,” said Jose Torres, spokeswoman for the city Aviation Administration.

In southern Texas, Corpus Christi International Airport remained closed Friday because of ice, officials said, while freezing rain and snow covered much of downtown Houston.

The band of freezing weather has also expanded into Louisiana and parts of Arkansas, Tennessee and Missouri, forecasters said.

“Travel in southwestern Arkansas becomes dangerous this morning,” said spokesman David Nilles Emergency Management.

Interstate 30 and other roads in the Texarkana area are covered with snow, and traffic is slower than normal. ”

American Airlines canceled 630 flights from Dallas on Friday, according to spokesman Ed Martelle society, who said the airline had canceled 739 flights nationwide.

In New Orleans, a mix of rain and sleet fell in northern districts of the city and outlying areas.

Louisiana Bobby Jindal said the governor of a state of emergency Thursday in anticipation of the weather, the activation of the State Crisis Action Team to control potentially dangerous conditions that could affect parts of the state in the coming days.

State government offices in 55 parishes in Louisiana were closed Friday because of winter weather.

Southwest Airlines canceled all flights to Corpus Christi, Harlingen and Houston Hobby Airport in Texas on Thursday, according to company spokeswoman Marilee McInnis. The airline canceled a total of 157 flights, “she said.

Continental Airlines said it has suspended most of its operations from Houston Intercontinental Airport from Thursday afternoon to Friday afternoon because of icy precipitation expected.

Houston has also closed schools on Friday; according to the spokesman at the school district Osborne Sarah Greer.

In Oklahoma, a sport utility vehicle skidded off a bridge and plunged 80 feet into a river along Interstate 44, killing at least three people Thursday, police spokesman George Brown.

In South Dakota, the winter weather prompted officials to close a 90-mile stretch of Highway 29 from Watertown to the border of North Dakota Thursday because of blizzard conditions, according to state authorities, which reported numerous accidents and whiteout conditions along the route.

Houston Transtar

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Houston Transtar, Mayor Annise Parker and Ed Harris County Judge Emmett talked about the blizzard at a news conference in Houston TranStar earlier today with Parker telling reporters he is the best for the citizens to stay out of the road and stay home.

“We urge people if you do not get on the road, stay on the road. Once the mud or snow or freezing overnight stays frozen, the shuttle tomorrow can be very problematic. C is just better if you do not get on the road and you do not enter, “said the mayor, according to the Houston Chronicle.

All offices of the University will be closed until Monday, according to the latest alert Notification University.

As a snowstorm descended on the city earlier today and with icy roads planned, university officials completed all academic activities to 16 hours to allow the safe transit home for the campus community. At 19 hours, the administration has extended the class cancellations through Friday; the school should open its doors again on Monday.

The class cancellations came after the National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning at 3:52 p.m. for southern Texas.

“A higher level storm system approaching from the west will combine with increasing moisture and cold temperatures in the lower atmosphere to produce a mixture of light snow, sleet and freezing rain in southeastern Texas “according to the alert, which expires Friday at 12 o’clock, when the storm should pass.

In response to questions following a news conference this afternoon weather in Houston Transtar, Parker has denied trying to conceal the images public.

“We never said that the public should not see this video,” the mayor said. “We simply said that we thought the most appropriate place they see for the first time would be before a court of law, when these agents are brought to justice. The frustration is that by releasing this video it has the possibility of provoking a strong trial to be moved out of Harris County, and we do not want anything to jeopardize the prosecution of these officers. “Parker said she also believes the odds of officers being held accountable for their actions decreases if the trial is moved out of Harris County.

“The public has every right to know this information, and I resent any implication that we tried to hide the tape,” said Parker. “We did everything we were supposed to do when we received the tape. We have studied. We have turned this investigation into the District Attorney. We have supported the district attorney and we fired the officers. We do not believe that the jurors here would be contaminated because they were afraid that there would an effort to move the trial away from Harris County. “Wednesday evening, Parker issued a statement saying in part that whoever posted the video should be pursued, but recanted, saying it is not her to tell whether someone should be charged. She made the statement after watching the 10 o’clock news and see Quanell X acquired images as evidence in a separate trial.

Auto Repair

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Auto Repair:Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin – Eric Chester Helmbach driving his auto repair 1000 BMW to victory in the fifth round of the 2010 Michelin Challenge team sanctioned by ASRA.

Geoff May took the Team Challenge with AMA SuperBike Buell team and lead for most of the race, starting on lap 38, never to return. It was unclear whether there was a mechanical problem with the entry Buell or if the team achieves its mission in the afternoon and took Helmbach inches, which had exchanged positions with the Mid Cities Motorsport riders Calvin Martinez and Dave Ebben and TER mounted Yamaha R6 Jeff Purk was ready when he retired May take 44 laps, the event with a time of two hours and hit the victory in one hour, fifty-one minutes.

Jeff Purk finished first in GTU and second overall, with half Cities Kawasaki 1000 taking third overall and second in the GTO class. Appel Melissa Appel 1000 SOLO the Go Honda to third place in the GTO and sixth overall. After Purk, the second in the GTU podium and fourth place went to the Yamaha R6 Racing driven by Stiles. The third in GTU and fifth place went to Kawasaki Cycles D2 team led by Captain Mike Garner in his first game of the 2010 season.

In the GT class Light Suzuki SV 650 took the top two spots. Grease Monkey Alex Shaw team brought home the bacon in SV, with Paul in his second Onley SV. The birth of the team of Jay Cross Eyed Ray Smith and Hoffman finished third in his machine Buell. This is the fifth straight win for the Grease Monkey Squad, leaving only three more races to complete the perfect season.

Notable retirements were perennial favorites Team Challenge Gene Paul Gilchrist on his Suzuki 1000 for a chain failure on lap 17, Smith & Hoffman Buell with only three laps to go, for lack of fuel, and former Road America Racing Team Challenge winner Hix , with Brian Blume on board, on lap 21 in an accident while challenging the leaders.

The Michelin punished for ASRA Team Challenge resumes next weekend, July 10, 2010, in Round 6 at Roebling Road Raceway in beautiful Savannah, Georgia.

The American Sportbike Racing Association (ASRA) is the parent organization of the Championship Series Cup (CCS), the biggest motorcycle road racing fans in the U.S. organization with 4,000 licensed pilots. ASRA eight penalties and eight Michelin Michelin Pro Series Team Challenge road racing events for 2010.

CCS Series on the ski runs 51 popular events throughout the United States. Songs include Road America, Daytona, Loudon, Firebird, Heartland Park, and International Virginia, among other fine venues. In 2010, ASRA and CCS provide passengers with access to almost $ 10,000,000 in prizes sponsored by participating in events sanctioned it.

Join the CCS and ASRA greater experience in road racing today. CCS Race! For more information, visit our website at or call (817) 246-1127.