Halloween History

October 31, 2013 by · Comments Off on Halloween History 

Halloween History, Halloween 2013 should be less scary in the United States than last year’s holiday, when the monstrous Hurricane Sandy savaged parts of the U.S. Northeast.

Despite the storm, 2012 featured record participation and spending that, even with a small 2013 downturn, show Halloween’s steady growth as a prominent date on the American social calendar.

“I think it’s interesting how even with changes to the economy, Halloween has become that much more important to consumers over the past decade,” said Pam Goodfellow of Prosper Technologies, which conducts the long-running National Retail Federation’s Halloween Top Costumes Survey.

“Back in 2005 the average American spent about $48 on Halloween, and this year it is $75, so it has increased quite a bit even with budget concerns and people watching what they spend. It’s certainly a holiday that people gravitate to.