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resized_Grady_SizemoreGrady Sizemore Photo:Some things just don’t mix well: oil and water, fire and gasoline, and cameras and stupidity. Now our very own Cleveland Indians star Grady Sizemore is joining the likes of Michael Phelps, Eric Brewer, and Miley Cyrus (among many others) on the long list of celebrities who have made fools of themselves with a camera.

The trouble started when Sizemore took some pictures of himself in various states of undress using a cell phone in front of a bathroom mirror. Apparently, he then emailed the photos to his girlfriend. The trouble began when, according to Sizemore, someone hacked into his girlfriend’s computer, took the photos from her email account, and then posted them to the Internet. A legal investigation is underway to try and find the hacker while Sizemore has already contacted investigators from Major League Baseball to try and put a stop to any further publication.

In a statement released Monday, an Indians spokesperson says that “we (the Indians) fully support Grady as he deals with this personal matter.” While moral support is good in a time of crisis, there is still no denying that Sizemore acted foolishly. This is not excusing the person who (potentially illegally) got into the computer and stole the pictures, but the final blame still rests with Sizemore for taking the pictures in the first place. No pictures, no problem, no embarrassment.

Today, anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of computers can upload photos to the Internet. Once a photo makes its way to the web, it stays there. Pictures on the Internet have been compared to tattoos because they are so hard to remove. If the embarrassment in itself wasn’t bad enough, pictures can even get you fired or arrested.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense would never take or let someone else take unflattering images of oneself. In this age of the Internet, you would have to be an idiot to think it impossible for such pictures not to come back and bite you later. Unfortunately, it only takes lapse of judgment the press of a shutter button long to do irreversible damage to one’s reputation.

Moral of the story: don’t act stupid on camera!

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