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Treasurydirect.Gov:The Daily on the progress made in liberalizing November 27 ( “Religion is still pose a serious threat”):

The first sentence says “Government debt has doubled in the past two years alone, to 12 trillion dollars.” Did not happen. On November 25, 2007, the government debt of $ 9.1 trillion according to Doubling it in two years will mean that it should be 18.2 trillion dollars at present.

He described the “health care legislation that critics of the nation figure will balloon the deficit by another $ 1 trillion or more within 10 years” is laughable. Another trillion dollars of debt within 10 years would increase the nation’s debt, but not “the nation’s balloon the deficit.”

First, a trillion dollars will not only increase the debt by another 8.3 percent, over the past ten years or less. Secondly, the use of the word “disability” makes me wonder if the progress and know the difference between the deficit and debt.

Incidentally, while the national debt that George W. Bush is President, with the Republican-controlled Congress for six of eight years, and inflation than the $ 5.7 trillion when he took office to 10.6 trillion dollars when he left office – but this was probably a mistake, Bill and Hillary Clinton or , is not it?