why is google spelled wrong

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why is google spelled wrong, Why does Google have two Ls? Why is Google spelled wrong? These are the questions running in the minds of every internet user who visit Google website on September 27, 2009. 2 L’s created excitement in the user that why Google has 2L’s. This was never happened before in Google’s 11 year life.

There is no need to worry about it. Actually 2L’s are number 11. This is a part of Google’s 11th birthday. It will be celebrated in each time zone when it officially become September 27. This is unique way of celebration. This mode of celebration keeps the viewer thinking what is going on, where the 2nd L comes from.

Google likes the visitors to keep on guessing when exactly the Google’s birthday is. Last year on 10th September they celebrated their birthday. Google don’t have 1 exact day on which they celebrate their birthday. September is a month of celebration for Google as they incorporated on September 4th and the domain was registered on September 15th.

One thing is for sure that Google has a great sense of humor. Google knows how to make the visitor guessing. At first one could not under stand what happens. People check it again and again why it is spelling wrong. No one knows that Google has chosen 27thSeptember for its 11th birthday celebration.

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why is google spelled wrong