John Embree

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John Embree, Colorado football players reacted with surprise and disbelief after learning that head coach Jon Embree was fired Sunday after only two years on the job. “If you need to change the program around, you need more than two years,” said senior linebacker Doug Rippy. “He needed people to buy into what he was trying to do.”

Embree went 4-21 in his two seasons. “We had a lot of young players,” said senior tight end Nick Kasa. “We played a really tough schedule. I’m not saying that makes it OK to have the season we did. We should’ve done a lot better. But it’s not only the coaches. They did everything they could.”

Both players said they felt Embree would get at least three years of his five-year contract.

“Frankly, I’m surprised they did it,” Rippy said. “I just figured there’d be too much pressure to keep him for at least three years, mainly because of (ex-coach and supporter Bill) McCartney’s backing.”

Kasa, who said the news “hit me blindly” Sunday night, added, “What I think, and knowing the coaches, they’re very much invested in the program. They all had the heart for the program and wanted it to succeed. I’m not saying another guy with another set of coaches isn’t going to have the same willingness, but I just don’t see how this is going to help.”