Where Does Cladonia Floerkeana Grow?

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Where Does Cladonia Floerkeana Grow?, Cladonia floerkeana lichen growth in Eifel, Germany
Lichen identifications depends on body, form & colour, biochemical make-up, reproductive structures and spore shape
Cladonia floerkeana grows in well drained soil with a high humus content.

The podetia in this species are very distinctive and tall. They have been recorded as high as 60 mm although the norm is in the range 10 mm to 30 mm high, with a diameter of 1.5 mm. Podetia may be branched at the tips; branching is more frequent at the base near the small primary squamules (8mm long). Coarse squamules cover podetia. Apothecia form on the rim of the tip of the podetia; these are common and are light to dark brown in colour. Red pycnidia also form on the tips of the podetia.

K positive yellow and UV positive blue. Primary squamules are green on the upper surface and white with a hint of orange on the underside. It is easy to confuse with Cladonia crispata; Cladonia floerkeana has larger squamules.

Where Does Cladonia Floerkeana Grow?