Cher Did Not Remove Her Ribs

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Cher Did Not Remove Her Ribs, One of the most persistent celebrity myths making the rounds during the 1980s was that the female half of the pop singing duo “Sonny & Cher” actually had some of her ribs removed in order to enjoy a very tiny waist.

Despite repeated protestations from Cher that she did not remove her ribs for vanity’s sake, she ultimately took the drastic step of hiring a medical doctor to confirm that she was in possession of a full set of ribs.

Cher attempted to combat the odd rumor: “If that [rumor] were true,” she said,
“how could I do those health club commercials, in which I wear next to nothing? I’d be scarred all over. And could I wear the kind of clothes I do if I’d had all those many operations? Wouldn’t there be visible scars everywhere?

“I’ve been up front about saying that I had my nose done, my breasts done, and had braces on my teeth. The rest is nonsense.”

Her public denials didn’t make the rumors go away, though. In 1990 she hired British physician F.V. Nicolle to examine her and report on what he found. Nicolle guaranteed that Cher was no mere miracle of plastic surgery, proclaiming: “This patient has consulted me because the media are repeatedly [misreporting] information regarding any surgery which she may have had done to her body. She has never had any surgery to her upper and lower eyelids [or] her cheekbones [or chin] … All these areas represent her natural well-developed good looks and have never been touched by surgery.” The doctor also put paid to the rumor that Cher had had ribs removed to achieve a narrow-waisted look.

Still, the rumor continues to follow Cher: “I’ve killed myself in the gym to have this body. It isn’t like I have some amazing secret that nobody else has.”

Cher tends to be pretty straightforward in being honest with her fans, and she has admitted to having certain plastic surgery procedures, including a nose job, but has never submitted to any medical procedure to remove any of her ribs.

Surgery to remove a rib may be needed in the event of cancer or if injury or damage to a rib is impacting one of the body’s vital organs and a doctor deems it expedient to remove the rib rather than wait for it to heal. Rumors about actresses undergoing the knife to remove one or two ribs for the sake of a shapelier waist have been around since the 1920s, but Cher has given fans documented proof that she has never removed any of her ribs.