Julie Andrews

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Julie Andrews, She danced on the hills as Maria von Trapp in The Sound of Music and won an Oscar for her role as the most magical of the world’s nanny in Mary Poppins, but Julie Andrews has been on a roll, that is the antithesis of everything she has done.

“I’ve waited a long time for this,” Andrews smiles. The 74-year-old blue eyes twinkle as she leans in, ads: “This lady is so terrible, it’s delicious. I think they are completely out to lunch on the way she is selfish. She is totally self-absorbed. ”

The woman of whom she speaks is Marlena, the mother of the blatant Gru (voiced by Steve Carell), a villain whose main goal in life is to steal the moon in abject me, a computer-animated film that also the voice talents of Jason Segel and Kristen Wiig.

While planning his heist, Gru realizes the only way he can to steal the moon to establish three orphan girls who sell cookies to his archenemy, Vector (Segel). While the girls in the house of the Vector, Gru plans to steal the shrink ray he needs to complete his nasty plan.

At Andrews agreed with the film, her character was not even a name.

“I thought ‘what a pleasure’ when I heard that they do not have a name. When we started, I was asked if I would like her name. I said:” She obviously thinks she’s the cat’s whiskers, so I think I call her Marlena. ”

Andrews says she came up with the accent for her character after she heard a demo of the voice Carell as Gru. “I just could not make use of a Julie Andrews, Mary Poppins kind of voice for her,” says Andrews.

“I felt something was Eastern European accent and I thought, as his mother, I felt I had to have an influence. His voice must have flipped me, to some extent.”

What accent Gru, Carell seems flattered that they Andrews as Eastern Europe.

“Is that what she said? “Carell laughs, such as Metro takes him later in the day.

“I have no idea what kind of accent was. It’s kind of a conglomerate of Russian, Italian, German and French. He is a discreet bad guy. But then, he also got a side to him, not so bad. I would like to think of him as a loving man with a heart of bronze. ”

The dark comedy has grossed $ US300 edges million ($ 333 million) and counting and Carell believes its formula for success is simple.

“At the end of the day, children do not want all puppy dogs and ice cream,” he says. “Kids want a little intrigue and that’s why I wanted something threatening Gru.

“Things do not have children and it is important not condescending. I wanted the character a bit scary, because when he comes around, it’s a bit more worthwhile.”

From the very beginning, though, Carell says he does not think of me, as a children’s despicable.

“Not at all,” he says. “For me it was more a matter of making a good movie instead of a kids’ movie.”

Carell should know. The 48-year-old comedian has two children, Elizabeth, 9, and John, 6, and his wife of 15 years, Nancy. In the film, Gru’s cold heart thaws as he grows with the children he has adopted. Having children, Carell says, will do that for you.

“I’ve seen this movie twice and even in spite of myself, I cried both times,” he says.

“The second time I went,” Um, I do not cry. ” But when Gru the story at bedtime to read to children, it gets me every time, because that’s what I do. I read a story to my children every night. My wife and I play with our voice and it’s the best part of our lives. ”

Tears begin to well in his eyes. “See!” Carell laughs. “Until you have kids, you do not know. It does change you. You can not help it.”

The Sound Of Music

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The Sound Of Music, Philips has introduced a new docking station Fidelio Primo DS9000, compatible with most iPod models and iPhone. To reproduce the full range of sound used passive crossover, which lets you listen to every note. As the producer, managed to achieve pure sound thanks to complex engineering solutions. Every detail of the sound frequency spectrum separated and sent to the appropriate converters. Alerts are not sent outside of the frequency response of the converter, which improves sound quality and reduces distortion. high-quality electronic components that the balance of sound and are indistinguishable from the original.
achieve purity of sound technology allows PureDigital. The digital audio with the iPod / iPhone is at all stages, the level of signal to noise increases. Precisely tuned bass provide channels for deep bass and tight, and fence with smooth edges diffraction limits of sound. Design models, created with wood, fabric and metal, also allow a high-quality sound. Flexion increases the strength of the dynamics of the body, reducing internal resonance and increase accuracy and natural sound.

Fidelio DS9000 is equipped with a distance sensor, you can turn off the display to save power. The function keys light up when they approached their hands. Fidelio shared dock and the iPhone / iPod has created a free application with new features, allowing easy search and playback of music in the collection, control the sound characteristics of the speakers and check the status of battery dock with the iPhone / iPod. The application has a clock function and alarm signals that can put your favorite music or nature sounds, while adjusting the iPhone / iPod in the picture show. Fidelio Primo Philips Dock will appear on the Russian market in September 2010. The suggested retail price retail 19 990 rubles.