Boondock Saints Prayer

November 19, 2009 by · Comments Off on Boondock Saints Prayer 

Erin go Bragh. The “Boondock Saints” sequel has finally arrived in theaters and is stunning audiences all over Orange County.

The original “Boondock Saints” tells the story of two Irish immigrants who are stong in their faith and the rules of God. The two men are soon called to arms to eradicate the filthy criminals of South Boston.

The film is an action-packed adventure in which two religious men do their duty by executing the criminals of their city by teaming up with a mafia package boy to clean things up.

That was the first “Boondock Saints.” Its sequel, “All Saints Day,” takes the action up to the next level. There is murder, comedy, a strong sense of moral values and most of all, faith.

Before the so-called saints send a criminal to their maker, they say a prayer. Afterward, they put pennies on the eyes of the dead and cross the criminal’s arms over their chest.

This is what makes each of these movies powerful in every sense of the word. The sense of faith and duty is most prominent and consistent throughout the entire film.

Now, the language on the other hand, is quite vulgar. The writers are fans of expletives. Though the language is less than polite, it makes many of the scenes comical.

If you are faint of heart and cannot stand blood or the sight of murder then I strongly advise you not to see this movie. There are many, many gory scenes in which the murder is shown in grave detail.

This sequel was thoroughly enjoyable from my perspective. I am one who loves action, awesome gun fights and a good story line.

“All Saints Day” has given its audience all of these. For anyone who knows a thing or two about guns, quite a few make an appearance. They range from 12 gauges, a few AKs and of course, your old fashioned hand guns.

My favorite part of the movie, is the fact that it is faith based. The saints do not murder innocent people or petty criminals. They take the city’s evil and destroy it.

Yes, it may seem a bit extreme to kill criminals when we have courts and judges but that is not the point of the movie.

A debate runs throughout the film over vigilantism versus the need for crime fighters in every major city.

Actors portraying the citizens cannot make up their minds about whether or not the saints are doing the right thing.

With an all star cast of Sean Patrick Flannery, Norman Reedus and Billy Connoly, “All Saints Day” is a film that will be thought about after viewing.

As “All Saints Day” follows its predecessor’s footsteps, it is one of the best movies that I have ever seen. I recommend this movie to anyone who loves action and has the occasional urge to just eradicate the evil people of this world.