Black Friday Shoppers Lining Up

November 20, 2012 by · Comments Off on Black Friday Shoppers Lining Up 

Black Friday Shoppers Lining Up, Every year naysayers scratch their heads as to why so many shoppers, eager to cash in on doorbuster deals, camp out in anticipation of the shopping super bowl known as Black Friday. “I don’t get it and I never will,” Rosemary Garza, a stay at home mother, shopping at Target on North 10th Street, said. “You can find the same sales online – I just can’t see myself waiting in line for so long.”

Black Friday has become such a staple of American culture and Thanksgiving celebrations, that retail stores have been clamoring to get, those interested in saving some hard earned cash, to line up outside staple stores days before doors open.

Sadly, in some instances, deaths and arrests have been reported across the United States in years past, due to stampedes and fighting over on sale items.

This year, it seems, Black Friday has been dubbed Black Thursday, as stores like Target, Best Buy and Wal-Mart all plan to start their sales as early as 8 p.m. Thanksgiving Day.

But earlier deals simply translate to faster in and out times for those shoppers already lined up outside these stores, like John Gonzalez, 35, of Mission.

Gonzalez, who was not the first in line, camped outside of Best Buy on N. 10th Street Tuesday morning. He was joined by about 10 other tents, chairs and makeshift tarps that line up behind the marker which read, “line starts here.”

“I’ve been here since Monday evening,” Gonzalez, who was wrapped in a thick Dallas Cowboys blanket, said. “My family and I are honest and hardworking middle class workers. We don’t have the luxury of making frivolous purchases over the weekend. We have to plan our purchases out and no sane person is going to turn down a saving of more than $500.”