Harry Morton

September 3, 2010 by · Comments Off on Harry Morton 

Harry Morton, Well, what we really fabulous Jennifer Aniston news today. Aniston is dating again, this time is not the banker without any star names or cooperation of any of its soaps or movies. In fact, the new boyfriend of this period is Harry Morton.

Yes, Harry Morton is the same that has come out with Lindsay Lohan in the past. Harry Morton is twenty-nine years old. He is known to have had relationships with women in the field of media and film industry. Before Lolo, Harry Morton was having an intimate relationship with Hayden Panettiere and before that she was-well, we do not probe in detail further. All we can say is that he is famous for short-term relationships with famous women in Hollywood.

Lindsay Lohan broke up with the handsome Harry for some time. Since then, Harry has been unique. Jennifer Aniston is also unique and working on his new movie Switch. Jennifer Aniston is forty-one, and believes that women should not be subject to the natural reproduction cycle in order to produce babies, artificial methods are more sympathetic. Jennifer has been going out with Harry in a restaurant where it was caught fondling the man’s arms again. So far, not been caught kissing and Lindsay. It seems that Harry and new girlfriend Jennifer has been having a good time together and your date at the Hard Rock Cafe is just the beginning of a relationship can be long-term romance.