Avoid Freshman 15

September 6, 2012 by · Comments Off on Avoid Freshman 15 

Avoid Freshman 15, The dreaded “Freshman 15” is a fear of some students heading into college, but how can they avoid it?

Dr. David Creel with the St. Vincent Bariatric Center says most research shows students typically gain around five pounds in their first year of college but some do gain more. He says there are many reasons for the first year weight gain such as not having the same kind of supervision or structure regarding meals as they had at home. He says students will sometimes skip meals in the dining hall and eat on their own, sometimes late at night.

Dr. Creel says a fluctuating sleep schedule can also contribute to weight gain. He says that can change students’ appetite regulation which can lead to eating more calories and gaining weight. He says education is the best way to avoid gaining weight, both as students enter college and even before when preparing school lunches in high school and earlier.