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Kvue, Unfortunately it seems that history itself has maintained throughout the Austin campus of the University of Texas.

KVUE, KXAN, and alternative news agency internal reports of the president only entered the campus living room expulsion shots senseless before shooting himself followed in his death.

Because the descriptions of reality are quite deceptive, and probability that the second gunman entered the campus block mode.

In 1966, an individual entered the banishment of the construction of pointless time footage that followed in fourteen deaths before he was shot by police.

Because of misleading descriptions and a series of shots, the military is not yet ruled out the likelihood that the second shooter.


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Kxan, The main campus in Austin, is the second most populous campus in the U.S. This is one of the University of Texas at El Paso HomeThe Official Site of the University of Texas at El Paso. Located in El Paso, Texas, UTEP is the country’s leading engineering and research institute for the Hispanic population., AThe Texas search for second suspect in the incident Tuesday morning at the University of Texas continues, as vehicles armored vehicles and helicopters surround the scene on campus. Oscar Trevino said his daughter, Martina, is an employee of the University of Texas and went to work when he saw the gunman behind her as he fired.

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The Pflugerville Independent School District expects to run a campaign over the presence of parents and students twice before the season is not in the school as a “spectator – who has” two major takeaways. Students who are in school regularly tend to have better grades than those that accumulate a lot of absences.

Austin American Statesman

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Austin American Statesman,A man fired “a number of shots” in a library at the University of Texas and then himself, Austin American Statesman reports.

The police “are looking for a second possible suspect” since this morning, according to the report.

UT was the landscape of one of the shootings at the university better known in U.S. history: Charles Joseph Whitman, a college student and former Marine, killed 14 and wounded 32 in a mass shooting in August 1966.

Tuesday’s event features a live test of the systems response to the crisis all the universities have been created in the many years since then, a pattern that has been extended following the Virginia Tech slaughter of 2007.

Ut Gunman

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Ut Gunman, A man wearing a ski mask opened fire with an AK-47 in a University of Texas, the library last week, then fatally shot, police said.

Police ended their search for a possible second suspect in the early afternoon, saying authorities believed that the gunman was a student in college and had acted alone. No other injuries were reported.

The campus of nearly 50,000 students – of which the clock tower was the site of one of the disturbances of the nation’s deadliest shooting four decades ago – has been the blockade, while officers with bomb-sniffing dogs conducted a manhunt building by building.

Campus police spokeswoman Rhonda Weldon said a man fired an automatic weapon on the sixth floor of the Perry-Casta?eda Library, then committed suicide. Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo said the weapon was an AK-47.

Acevedo said police were investigating what he described as a crime scene seconds out of the library, which also fired shots.

Campus Police Chief Robert Dahlstrom said officials later ruled out a second shooter, which explains the initial confusion arose because the gunman was shot in several locations. He said the suspect was wearing dark clothing and a ski mask.

Randall Wilhite, associate professor of law at the university, said he was heading to class when he saw that “students begin fighting behind bins, trees and monuments”, then a young man carrying an assault rifle, running down the street.

“He was running right in front of me … and shot what I thought were three more shots … not me at. In my address, but not me, clearly not me,” Wilhite said.

The professor said the attacker was able to shoot several students and Wilhite, but did not.

The university canceled classes for the day as police officers patrolling the campus with the dogs in search of suspects and explosives. Police officers and the university locked the campus for several hours and later issued an all clear.

The university sent a notice on its website for emergency information stressing that the school remained closed and the area around the Perry-Casta?eda Library was still an active crime scene.

Jennifer Scalora works on revenue of about 100 yards from the library. She said the campus – one of the largest in the country – was quiet and empty except for police, SWAT teams and helicopters.

“The students did their part, cleaned the streets, cleared the ground in a very fast,” said Acevedo.

Tuesday’s shooting was not the first in school.

On August 1, 1966, Charles Whitman climbed to the observation deck of the 28th floor in the UT clock tower in the center of campus and started shooting at people below. Killed 16 people and injured dozens nearly three before police killed him about 90 minutes after the siege began.

Perry-Casta?eda Library is one of several in the university and is one of the most popular undergraduate libraries.

Student Joshua Barajas, 23, said he usually is in the library in the morning, but was delayed on Tuesday when he made a rare pit stop for coffee.

“These decisions mundane little could save your life If I had not stopped for coffee -. And never stop because it’s coffee and 4 – that could have been in that building,” said Barajas. “It’s creepy. I can not even think about it.”

Associated Press writers April Castro and Jim Vertuno Austin, Ramit Plushnick-Masti in Houston and Diana Heidgerd in Dallas contributed to this report.

Copyright © 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

Charles Whitman

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Charles Whitman, After today’s shooting at the University of Texas at Austin, we are reminded of shootings at other schools that have taken place over the years. It is a problem faced by all generations, it seems.

This is not the first time that the UT in Austin, Texas, has faced a crisis like this. In 1966, a shooter with the name of Charles Whitman terrorized the University of Texas as well.

Charles Whitman was only 25 at the time. He was an ex-Marine, who was in a shooting at the University of Texas at Austin campus. First of all Whitman killed his wife and mother, and then proceeded to go to the tower of the University, it was an observation deck on floor 29. Killed three people in the tower, killing more than ten from the top of the tower. Another person died a week after the gunshot wound.

Whitman was shot and eventually killed by a police officer in Austin, TX. Overall he managed to kill 14 people and wounding 32.

Luckily today shot in the UT campus in Austin was not in anyone’s life except that of the attacker himself. Something must be done to help prevent attacks like this in the future.

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