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American Flag Pictures, NY, Anti-mosque demonstrator Edward Doughergy arrived from Staten Island for seven hours with his American flag and a copy of the Bill of Rights.

“Not all Muslims are extremists,” he says, while about half block from the controversial Islamic Center, located two and a half blocks from the World Trade Center site. “But, all Muslims are extremists.”

A few hours later, Matt Sky comes with a sign saying, “Honor the Fallen, 11/9/1910 Freedom Honor.”

“We need a real dialogue,” says Sky who lives in Manhattan and supports the right of the Islamic community to build the mosque. “We must think about this game screams.”

Doughergy and Sky were in the vanguard of the scores of demonstrators converge on Lower Manhattan on Saturday afternoon the anniversary of 9 / 11 attack on the World Trade Center towers. The official commemoration took place in the morning.

An anti-mosque group, the Freedom Defense Initiative and the controversial group Stop Islamisation of America, scheduled for later in the afternoon to demonstrate.

On Friday, New York neighbors to American values, a broad coalition welcomed the Islamic center, held a candlelight vigil near the proposed mosque in freedom of religion.

As protesters arrived they found a heavy police presence. The NYPD has sealed off the entire block where the proposed mosque will be located. Mounted police, crowd control experts, were in the neighborhood. A crane-like structure was created to a bird-eye view of the crowd, police and the media was moved behind the barricades.

By mid-morning a small number of protesters had gathered, including Lance Corey, who wore a sign: “Christ turned the other cheek, Muhammad never did, he was beheaded instead.”

Mr Corey, a retired history teacher in high school, said he had come to the protests because of the pain he still feels over the loss of his 25-year-old nephew, Todd Ouida, who died in the 9 / 11 attack. As he talks to reporters, people take pictures of his character.

However, Mr. Corey is an example of how the issue about the mosque even parts families. His brother, the father of the late Mr. Ouida has gone on television to support the Islamic community center. “It’s breaking my heart,” says Corey Lance.

Some 9 / 11 families asked demonstrators not to show on the day of remembrance. But according to the anti-mosque protesters, many families asked for the rally to continue.

“In all conscience, I can not postpone the rally,” wrote Pamela Geller, director of the Stop Islamisation group in a press release.

Army Birthday

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Army BirthdayArmy Birthday:Today June 14 is designated as “National Flag Week.” During National Flag Week, the President issued a proclamation urging U.S. citizens to fly the American flag for the duration of the week. The flag will also be displayed on all Government buildings. Some organizations have parades and events celebrating the U.S. national flag and everything it represents.

The National Flag Day Foundation has an annual celebration of Flag Day on the second Sunday of June. The program includes a ceremonial rising of the flag, the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, singing the National Anthem (The Star-Spangled Banner), a parade and more.

Betsy Ross House has long been the venue of Philadelphia Flag Day.

In the United States, Flag Day is celebrated on 14 June. It commemorates the adoption of the United States flag, what happened that day in the resolution of the Second Continental Congress in 1777.

In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation that officially established June 14 as Flag Day in August 1949, National Flag Day was created by an Act of Congress.

Flag Day is not an official national holiday, although the June 14, 1937, Pennsylvania became the first (and only) U.S. state to celebrate Flag Day as a national holiday, beginning in the city of Rennerdale. Title 36 United States Code, Subtitle I, Part A, Chapter 1, ยง 110 is the official statute on Flag Day, however, is at the discretion of the President to proclaim officially the observance.

One of the longest running Flag Day parade is held annually in Quincy, Massachusetts, which began in 1952, celebrates its 57 years in 2009. The 59th Annual 2009 Wisconsin Appleton Flag Day Parade will feature the U.S. Navy. City of Appleton in Wisconsin. The largest Flag Day parade is held annually in Troy, New York, which bases its march in the parade of Quincy and typically draws 50,000 spectators.

Perhaps the oldest continuous Flag Day parade is in Fairfield WA (scroll down the list at # 4). From 1909 or 1910, Fairfield held a parade every year since then, with the possible exception of 1918, and held the “Centennial” parade in 2010, along with some other commemorative events.