Betty Buckley

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Betty Buckley, Star, actress / singer Betty Buckley continues her successful Song Interpretation Workshop with a new series of six classes open to new participants in December 2010. The native of Fort Worth will help aspiring artists, educators and interpreters experienced in the art of singing, acting and storytelling.

Ms. Buckley shares her expertise to tell stories in song and guides her students through a methodology that allows connection to the public through songs and monologues. His emotional connection songs and the public are deemed, and that very connection is at the heart of what gives Ms. Buckley to her students.

The class participants will work together towards a second advantage of this winter. Last year, Ms. Buckley beautifully staged and directed the benefit concert featuring the first workshop participants to rave reviews. Notice Mark Lowry celebrates “The results we must say were heavenly.” Read or watch Betty Buckley Concert Theatre Workshop Discusses with Jones.
The Tony Award winner wowed the public for years with acclaimed performances in Broadway shows such as Sunset Boulevard, Cats, The Mystery of Edwin Drood and 1776. His praise role in the movie The Happening M. Night Shyamalan function, joins her other memorable performances include the tender mercies movie, Frantic, and Carrie. She was recently seen in the new Tom Hanks / Steven Spielberg mini-series The Pacific on HBO. Last summer, Ms. Buckley appears Off-Broadway and White Lies will be seen in Arsenic and Old Lace at the Dallas Theatre Center in February 2010. In 2009, Ms. Buckley has been honored with the Award of Texas Medal of Arts for theater and was inducted into the Hall of Fame movie Texas in 2007. She also has a concert career and has recently received wide critical acclaim for her new show for the love of Broadway! At the prestigious nightclub Feinstein in New York. The New York Times Stephen Holden praised “Betty Buckley was at the top of her game.” John Simon of Bloomberg Press raved “equally accomplished actress and singer, she makes a life in every song.”

The timing of song interpretation class consists of six intensive sessions starting on Friday, December 10 and finally Monday, December 13, Thursday, December 16 and finally Monday, December 20, Tuesday, December 28, Thursday, December 30. Classes start at 18:30 and last 4-5 hours. An accompanist will be provided. For more information, visit

Ms. Buckley has been teaching for 38 years and taught many singers, actors and professionals, including investment banks, sports coaches and people who want to improve their ability to communicate effectively in their work and in relationships. The class also welcomes listeners to participate in all aspects of the class with the exception of coaching by Ms. Buckley.

Arlo Guthrie

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Arlo Guthrie, a day designated to give thanks to God, and to have one of the blessings and rewards that God has given us. And, of course, preparation and participation in a big party to share with family and friends, usually with turkey as a main dish.

A few years ago, my family went to San Diego this weekend for Thanksgiving to go to Sea World and the kids to see the beach for the first time. desert that was born and raised in California, but my daughter and son are native rats here in Arizona. Thus, this family trip with his promises to see the ocean, collecting seashells, being beaten by the waves of salt water, for the first time was a big, big, big deal for them.

Therefore, had never left home before the normal state during the Thanksgiving holiday, so as excited as the children would be in this adventure, which also saddens unless spending this year with their grandparents and other relatives.

During the long car trip to California, Arlo Guthrie “Alice’s Restaurant” on the radio – the full-length version that was played on Thanksgiving. The children had not ever heard before. They were fascinated by the strange story frolicking turn Guthrie. As we heard this wonder of the amazing stupidity hits along the road, I thought then that the narrative ballads and contemporary songs have disappeared, like so many other things in our lives have gone. But on the other hand, many other things remain the same and deepened, find the love of family, freedom, and the country. And give thanks for everything, because everyone is precious and can easily be carried in a blink of an eye.