Abisko National Park

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Abisko National Park, Abisko National Park is a National Park in Sweden. Geographically, Abisko is situated in the Swedish province of Lapland near the Norwegian border (distance approx. 37 railway km), and belongs to Kiruna Municipality, Sweden’s northernmost and largest municipality.

It starts from the shores of Torne tr?sk, one of Sweden’s largest lakes where the village of Abisko is located, and extends some 15 kilometres to the south-west. It is situated about 195 kilometers north of the Arctic circle. The total area is 77 kmĀ².

The park was established in 1909, the same year Sweden’s first laws on nature conservation were created.

The intentions of the Abisko National Park was to “preserve an area with northern Nordic fell nature in its original condition and as a reminiscence for scientific research”. The region has proved to be of much scientific interest, as is evidenced by the Abisko Scientific Research Station which exists to study the area. Furthermore, the national park was intended to be a prominent tourism attraction.

Abisko is also home to the Abisko Scientific Research Station, first established in 1903 near the Abisko village and incorporated with the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1935. It is used primarily for environmental, biological, and geological research and contains several on-site laboratories as well as off-site field research stations.