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Abc News Philadelphia, The State House is the business event the most anticipated of the year, bringing together business leaders and community to share what took place in 2010 and learn what is planned for 2011. Representation of all municipalities in southern Ocean County have been invited to speak with Ocean County Freeholders and Grace Hanlon, recently appointed Director of the Division of NJ Travel and Tourism.

Participants can expect to benefit from the expertise of Joel Naroff, PhD; that economic forecaster recognized nationally is back by popular demand to address the members on the current business climate and future in the New Jersey, United States and globally. An accomplished orator, Joel humor and unique ability to understand the economy have bought him many supporters. Joel is frequently quoted in national newspapers, including Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, USA Today and Business Week. At the international level, British, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish news agencies of Brazil and Chile cite materials. He frequently appears on CNBC, Fox Business News and Bloomberg Television. In addition, it was on ABC, The New World Tonight, The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, The Wall Street Journal Report with Maria Bartiromo, and BNN in Canada Money Matters television and local television stations across the North East. Joel does commentary for KYW Newsradio business in Philadelphia and can be heard frequently on national networks of radio news.

The seventh annual State of the House will be held Feb. 24 from 08:30 to 1 pm 30 at the Holiday Inn, Rt 72 Manahawkin. A and 40 fee includes continental breakfast and lunch buffet. Pre-registration is required. Contact the Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce 609 494 7211 or visit

Providing the business and tourism community with information about the Long Beach Island Region of the Jersey Shore for 95 years.
The Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce maintains a visitor center and the website of the region travel at first.


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6ABC, (WPVI) – Everyone’s still talking about Oprah secret half-sister, who was revealed in an episode watched by nearly half a million people on 6abc.

But for many people, the quest to find a long lost relative is more than just a compelling story – it’s their own story.

“Money can never compare to find your birth family,” said Alice Miceli of Tabernacle, who found her adoption papers when she was only seven years. Since then, she wanted to know who are her biological parents.

“You want to know who you are, you have no idea who you are, no idea who you like,” said Miceli.

After more than three decades of exhaustive research – before the Internet was an option – Alice learned the identity of her biological parents. His father was dead and she was never able to locate her mother. However, she found and met with a half-brother and sister with an extended family on the West Coast who welcomed with open arms.

“They had parties for me when I went there, they took me all around California and met all other parents and it was really cool,” she said.

Bob Hafetz Warrington tells a different story. After her adoptive parents died, he began looking for her biological family. He learned from her mother, who gave him up to 16 years, died, and her two half-brothers were drug addicts. When he contacted her father, he hung up the phone.

“My first impression was that I must speak to my father and hearing her voice. He went into a panic and got very angry and fearful. It’s sad, but all I have it, so I’m grateful for that.

A counselor who works with adoptees, Bob wrote a book called “do not remember, never forgotten.”

“The research is scary and in most cases, you will not find what you expect to find, but you will find the truth,” said Bob.

Bob and Alice Miceli say find birth families can be a roller coaster ride up because they feel after the first contact with birth families can and often does, lead to rejection and disappointment.



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KYW WEATS-EX-R, WXYZ-TV is pleased to announce that veteran meteorologist Chris Edwards joins the cast of The Weather Channel 7.

Edwards began his career as a weather presenter for the U.S. Air Force. It was one of the first meteorologists with the Weather Channel in Atlanta before moving to settle the WISN TV in Milwaukee, and KYW-TV in Philadelphia.

Edwards was the chief meteorologist for WJBK-TV in Detroit before leaving in 2004 to spend more time with his family and start his own business meteorological science education to students.

“We are extremely pleased to add such a talented and experienced Meteorologist Weather Channel 7 staff,” said news director Tim Dye. “Chris brings over 30 years of experience in forecasting, a large portion of the region of southeastern Michigan. His first hand knowledge will be a tremendous asset to our viewers. ”

“WXYZ-TV infused so much energy in the community and it is exciting to be part of this effort,” said Edwards. “As the weather team, it is our duty to build and maintain the confidence of the community we serve and being part of a weather team who are committed to this effort is very exciting. ”

Edwards received the American Meteorological Society Seal of Approval in 1986. He has been honored with numerous awards, including recognition of the Michigan chapter of the National Association of Arts and Sciences for best WeatherCast television in 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004.

“We are delighted to have Chris on our team,” said Chief Meteorologist Dave Rexroth. “We think Chris with staff, we forecast the most experienced team on the market.”

Edwards begins by WXYZ on January 22.

WXYZ-TV is part of Scripps Media Inc., which operates 10 television stations (six ABC affiliates, three NBC affiliates and one independent). The parent company, The EW Scripps Company (NYSE: SSP) is a diverse, the 131-year media enterprise with interests in television stations, newspapers, local news and information websites, and comics / syndication features. For a complete list of Scripps media companies and their associated Web sites, visit.

Kyw 1060

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Kyw 1060, The winter 2011 from hell continues. Another snowstorm arrived just in time to cause chaos during the morning commute for residents of the Philadelphia area. Route 422 was backed up from reading all the way down to the King of Prussia. The storm caught everyone by surprise and started about 5:30 this morning. Main roads have been treated and everybody was leaving for work, which created a traffic disaster in the region. PennDOT should be very critical about this. It’s their job to keep an eye on the weather for the unexpected weather and deployed teams as necessary. While it was expected the “big snow storm” does not arrive later Wednesday, there was a possibility of precipitation should begin earlier today. Coincidentally this storm was worse than expected and blind us. The School District of Philadelphia and many other school districts have announced delays, cancellations and early dismissals. KYW1060 departure for the latest information on school delays, closures and layoffs at the beginning. MyFoxPhilly also has a fairly comprehensive list of weather-related closures involving the School District of Philadelphia and other schools throughout the area.
Another storm heads for the city today. This should generate 5 to 10 inches around Philadelphia tonight and 4 to 8 inches in the north and west of the city. And, typically the worst of the storm hit overnight, and the end just in time tomorrow morning. Raise your hand if you’re tired of losing a day half-holiday with these nuisance storms. 29 John Fox said Preston Bolars 93.3 EMR and Steve that he expects a foot or more in some areas north and west of the city. And, guess what? The storm will end just before we are “expected” to go to work tomorrow morning. We cannot take a break this winter.


School District Of Philadelphia

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School District Of Philadelphia, Despite the controversy about a budget deficit that threatens “the School District Superintendent Arlene Philadelphie”Ackerman – citing progress in its first cohort of 13 schools in operation – is moving forward with plans to dramatically reviewing a second group, even more low-performing schools.

His announcement of this new phase coincided with the publication of financial data by the District showing a much higher price for the first round of schools than previously reported.

Tuesday afternoon, district officials revealed their plans to name 18 new schools in the Renaissance, including seven new district Term Promise Academy, three “Innovation” Promise academies where the replenishment of the staff is not mandatory, and two schools to be run as charters by Universal as part of an unprecedented new partnership area. Six other schools will be paired with and handed over to outside managers.

“Last year, people do not think it would work. I thought it would be, “said Ackerman.” When you go to one of the [existing] schools of the Renaissance, you think the culture has changed. ”

During the Renaissance charter revised in September last fall; preliminary data indicate that the registration and the average daily attendance are up, so that serious incidents are down. In addition, while the first batch of academies promise has not been without problems, the results of predictive tests point to higher reading scores at all six, and math scores rising in four of the six schools.

Assistant superintendent of schools Penny Nixon said the district is particularly proud of its results at both high schools Promise academies, Vaux and City University.

“The early returns show that attendance is up dramatically, and we see a drop of 50 percent dropout rates for schools,” said Nixon.

A few hours after the explanation of its four models and to appoint the 18 pilot schools, the district provided new details on the cost of Promise Academy charter and Renaissance.

Ackerman said publicly that each academy costs about one million Promise and use. But on Tuesday, district employees set the amount invested a year at the initiative of six schools to almost 9.7 million. Much of this cost is attributable to increased employee compensation, including a longer time.

With six schools serving a combined 2,700 students, the cost amounts to about 3,600 and additional funding per pupil in academies Promise. It’s more than four times the amount of additional funding per student provided to the district administration organizations of Education in 2002 and largest incursion turbulent Philadelphia turnaround school.

In addition, seven charters Renaissance this year have cost the district and 10.4 million, bringing the total price tag of the first year of the initiative to all 13 schools at $ 20 million.

Scheduled for next year 18-school cohort Renaissance, including 10 high schools, is much larger and potentially more costly. The 10 proposals Promise Academy – including West Philadelphia and South Philadelphia high schools – serves a total of nearly 6,000 students.

Although the District is facing the loss of quarter billion dollars in stimulus money the federal government next year and the 2011-12 budget deficit is even bigger than that, district officials have been resolved in their belief that the Renaissance initiative will continue to be funded.

“We can not create a system of large schools, unless we turn around our underperforming schools,” said Assistant Superintendent Diane Castelbuono. “We are determined to find a way to make this initiative happen, and c that is what we budget for next year. These 18 schools will be reversed. ”

Public School parent Helen Gym, however, said she would like to see much more transparency in the process of the Renaissance District.

“I do not think anyone questions the kind of investments we want to see in communities with learning difficulties,” said Gym, who worked closely with students from South Asia to Philadelphia high school last year.

“What we want is to ensure is that they are sustainable. Given that there are severe budgetary decisions to make, some of which may involve the closure of schools, the district needs to be honest about what the financial situation is -. And it is a conversation that must occur in public ”

The district has also provided more details about its plans for the schools under its new partnership with companies in the South Philadelphia community development based on universal Organization. As part of a collaborative effort to bring the Point Breeze and Grays Ferry section of South Philadelphia in a neighborhood Promise modeled on the children’s area of Harlem, the District of price management will Universal Audenried High School and Edwin Vare Middle School.

“We know that you can not really revitalize these communities unless you change the school,” said Castelbuono. “This offers a unique opportunity for us to partner with a company that has a strong presence in the community and to really take advantage of our skills together to really transform the entire geographical area there. ”

As part of their promise Neighbourhood Partnership, the District is handing over the management of these two schools directly to Universal, skipping the process of community review and parent who has already been used at the initiative of the Renaissance.

“Companies Universal has made a huge public process when they called the Promised Neighborhood Partnership grant with the federal government,” said Castelbuono. “They are a huge presence in this community, they have been there for decades.”

This will be the second chance with Universal Vare, this time as a charter. The school last fall returned to the control of the district, after eight years under a management contract with Universal as an outgrowth of the takeover of the State 2002. Vare was one of 16 low-performing schools when the District terminated the contracts with outside managers in 2010, citing insufficient progress.

Philadelphia Federation of Teachers President Jerry Jordan has slammed both the increased dependence on the charter conversion in the second round of the Renaissance schools and the lack of “participation of parents, teachers, students and communities of these schools serve “.

“Instead of improving community involvement in schools, families, educators and communities have been marginalized,” Jordan, said in a statement in response to the plane of the Renaissance.

While Universal is not asked to win over parents and Audenried Vare, six other draft charter schools of the Renaissance, the school advisory councils will again be given the opportunity to interview management organizations Prospective and then make a recommendation to Superintendent Ackerman.

The district announced the approved organizations on Tuesday night. Included in the list were the three current providers of the Renaissance – ASPIRA of Pennsylvania, Inc., Master charter schools, and Universal – and four others, headquartered in New York for-profit company Mosaica Partners recovery.

“We are delighted to be selected as a supplier,” said CEO Scott Gordon Masters “We are very proud of the progress this year schools in the Renaissance were -. All three are on the verge of becoming the school success “. Counting the three schools of the Renaissance Masters currently operates seven charters in Philadelphia.

The public process of correspondence between the charters of the Renaissance and the potential recovery teams should be completed by mid-March, with Superintendent Ackerman submit its final recommendations to the School Reform Commission later this spring.

The plans of eligible schools to external service providers are subject to approval by the CBC.

The recovery process in the 18 schools is likely to move hundreds of teachers. District officials said they could not guarantee that the lecturers would be able to obtain positions in the district next year, given the projected budget deficit. But they said no new teachers will be recruited teachers until seniority are placed.