Bayreuth Festival

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Bayreuth Festival, Celebrities and Wagnerians make their way to Bayreuth for the opening of the Wagner Festival on July 25. The new “Ring” production by stage director Frank Castorf looks likely to generate controversy.

May 22, 2013 marked the 200th anniversary of the birth of Richard Wagner, founder of the Bayreuth Festival. On July 25, the yearly festival opens in the very theater the composer designed for his music dramas. Only works by Wagner have been performed there since it was founded in 1876.

The opening of the Bayreuth Festival will be a spectacle of celebrities once again this year. Prominent guests in the motorcade to the Festspielhaus are a familiar scene on German TV on opening day. The guest list includes Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Joachim Gauck, sharing the red carpet with show business stars and business executives.

The festival opens with last year’s production of “The Flying Dutchman”
In the days to follow, the celebrities will head home. Taking their place up to the final performance on August 28 are normal opera fans and Wagnerians, braving it out in the summer heat on the uncomfortable wooden seats in the non-air-conditioned hall.

Most of them have had to wait years for a ticket – although admission prices are actually comparatively low at this festival, which enjoys heavy state subsidies.