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Southern Lights Aurora Australis, If you are wondering how exactly you go about seeing the Southern Lights or Aurora Australis then look no further. On this page we are going to review the five best places to see the Southern Lights. We will tell you when is best to view the Aurora Australis, how to go about finding them and most important the best locations for viewing the Southern Lights.

Both the Northern and Southern Lights are said to be one of the world’s most impressive spectacles. Many people travel thousands of miles to get a glimpse of the famous Aurora. The dazzling displays they put on really are the stuff of legend. So how do you go about finding them and first of all, what is the difference between the Northern Lights and the Southern Lights.

The Southern Lights then are really the less glamorous sibling of their Northern counterpart. The Aurora Australis is like the ugly sister to the Aurora Borealis. The reason for this is simply because they are far harder to catch a glimpse of. View the Southern Lights on a good day and they are every bit as impressive as their Northern Cousins. So why are the Southern Lights so elusive and no where near as popular as the Northern Lights?

Well it’s all about land. Head high up in the Northern Hemisphere towards the Artic Circle and there is land aplenty. You have Northern Canada, Greenland, Norway and Russia all heading high up to where the Aurora comes out to play. This makes finding a nice location with accommodation very easy. You can go on trips and spend days relaxing in comfort while the night sky lights up for you. However, in the Southern Hemisphere things are a little different.

Due to the nature of the land masses in the South, there are very few places that reach down low enough towards Antarctica that will give you ideal Aurora viewing spots. If you look at a map of the polar regions you will see the South is just surrounded by water. Of course you could go and camp out on the Antarctic ice, but realistically that is not something your average person can do.

If you want something a little easier to manage then Stewart Island may well be for you. This is located off the southern tip of New Zealand and is seen as a wonderful spot for viewing the Aurora Australis. The island has a large national park called Rakiura National Park, this is a Maori word which translates as the land of the glowing skies.

Stewart Island has a wide range of accommodation available from hotels to self catering. If you want to improve your chances of viewing the lights then you should look to go in the winter months when there is less daylight ours and hence more chance of catching a glimpse of what you are there for. The population on Stewart Island is quite sparse and so it is easy to find an isolated spot away from any light pollution so that you can enhance your chances of viewing.

If a cruise is not for you and you want to keep your feet firmly planted on solid ground then Stewart Island could well be what you are after. The fact is that even if you don’t see the light show there are still plenty of activities on the island to keep you entertained.

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