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I rarely do missing child stories for a bunch of reason. The first is they’re not my style. The second is I find them to be very tabloidish, thank you very much Nancy Grace. And lastly and most importantly because there are a plethora of blogs that cover them better than I ever could. That doesn’t mean I don’t care about them.

Living in North Carolina I couldn’t help be affected by the story of 5-year-old Shaniya Davis missing from Fayetteville. With all the media attention, the pictures of her from the motel and the arrests of her mother, Nicole Davis and Mario Andrette McNeill I thought to myself that this time the victim would be found alive. As I’m sure most of you know by now that wasn’t the case.

I received a slew of tips from everybody and thank you for that. However I wanted to share one particular e-mail I received from a reader by the name of Dawn who also lives in North Carolina. She put it better than I ever could.

I am sure you know, as nearly all the world does now, but Shaniya Davis, who you mentioned a day or so past, was found dead today. I live in this small town, Sanford NC, and that baby’s body was found just over a mile from my home. Our community mourns for this child that we didn’t even know, but was left within our reach so callously. Hundreds of people from our community turned out to search for her, and in the end our hearts were broken. She was found dead, decomposing, next to a deer carcass, wearing only a tshirt.

Look at that fucker McNeill. Tell me you do not wish him a thousand brutal deaths, after he is dismembered, one small piece at a time. After the bastard admits to kidnapping her, he is scene smirking in his arrest photo.

May her mother rot in hell for eternity for this. We are supposed to give up our lives for our children. How can any mother ever understand, or look upon her with less than hate in their hearts, for selling this beautiful baby.

It is a sick, sick world we live in.

And unfortunately for the children there doesn’t seem to be any cure in the foreseeable future.

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