Regrettable Tattoos

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Regrettable Tattoos
, Regrettable Tattoos, Permanently inking a tribute to a favorite movie, animated figure or current romantic interest may seem like a good idea at the time, but as time moves on, the tattoo remains. Check out these human canvases to see which of these lifelong bold symbolic gestures should stay, and which should go. tattoos of movies,
An NBA athlete
The Ink: When Chris Andersen isn’t chasing a championship title, he’s discussing ideas for new body art with his go-to artist. chris andersen nickname, john slaughter +tribe tattoo +denver,

An R&B vocalist
The Ink: While most felt Chris Brown’s neck tattoo paid homage to this photo of a former flame, Breezy offered an alternate explanation. male r&b vocalists, chris brown explains neck tattoo,

A female comedian
The Ink: Margaret Cho’s body art recently caused a stir in a Korean spa. margaret cho korean spa, margaret cho tattoos,

A professional cyclist
david clinger face tattoo, The Ink: Cyclist David Clinger infamous tattoo mask is fading, much like the troubled athlete’s once promising career. david arthur clinger arrest,

A Milwaukee Bucks player
Marquis daniels back tatoo, The Ink: You wouldn’t have to look further than Marquis Daniels’ back to learn the state he calls home.

An American pit bull
Duchess the pitbull tattoo, The Ink: Tattoo artist Ernesto Rodriguez outraged animal lovers when he inked his 5-month-old pet, Duchess. His explanation. Rodriguez inked Duchess for identification purposes,

An NBA guard
The Ink: Off-season boredom sparked Monta Ellis’interest in body ink. monta ellis family tree tattoo,

A female rapper
The Ink: Eve’s mother initially wanted her daughter’s infamous tattoo removed, but years later insisted she keep it. eve +rapper, claw tattoo + you don’t mess with your trademark , eve +claw tattoo,

An Academy Award winner
The Ink: Jamie Foxx celebrated his 40th birthday with a tribal tattoo on the back of his head. jamie foxx real name, jamie foxx head tattoo meaning, jamie foxx head tattoo,

A human billboard
The Ink: Billy Gibby is hoping to sell branded inked advertising on parts of his body to finance his latest venture. human billboards tattoos, billy gibby to remove facial tattoos, billy gibby tattoos,

An Atlanta hip-hop artist
The Ink: Gucci Mane made headlines for tattooing a tasty treat on the side of his face. gucci mane ice cream cone face tattoo,

A human canvas
The Ink: There was no confusion about which 2012 presidential candidate received Eric Hartsburg‘s vote. His plans for the tattoo. Eric Hartsburg removes Romney face tattoo, eric hartsburg tattoo,

A fashion designer
Marc jacobs creative director +diet coke, The Ink: When Marc Jacobs isn’t lending his design talents to a major beverage brand, he is collaborating with his go-to artist on his latest body art design. scott campbell tattoo artist, marc jacobs tattoos,

A professional soccer player
The Ink: World-class athlete Natasha Kai uses her body art to showcase items indicative to her homeland. professional female soccer players, washington spirit soccer team, natasha kai tattoos,

An American singer-songwriter
The Ink: Ke$ha uses her eyes to send subliminal messages and her lips to ensure no messages are lost in translation. ke$ha and johnny depp +eyeball sex, ke$ha lip tattoo,

An Internet celebrity
The Ink: After dating a few hours, Lesya made the name of her new tattoo-artist boyfriend a permanent body fixture. people made famous by internet, how lesya and rouslan toumaniantz met, lesya toumaniantz tattoo,

A college quarterback
The Ink: Top-ranked quarterback A.J. McCarron’s tattoo represents a commitment to his team, family and religion. aj mccarron chest tattoo,

A pop-rock artist
The Ink: Pink’s neck art may be useful should anyone ever need to track her down or know her value. pink’s barcode tattoo meaning, pink barcode tattoo,

A heartthrob actor
The Ink: A late night doodling session served as inspiration behind Brad Pitt‘s permanent back art. heart throb actors, brad pitt tattoo +new orleans levee map, brad pitt doodle tattoo,

A media personality
The Ink: Glamour model Katie Price opted for a less invasive approach to remove the tattooed name of her ex. katie price pete crossed out tattoo,

An Atlanta Hawks player
The Ink: DeShawn Stevenson’s initial idea for ink was taken by a fellow NBAer, so he opted for a historic political figure instead. gilbert arenas martin luther king tattoos, deshawn stevenson’s abe tattoo explain, deshawn stevenson lincoln tattoo,

A stunt performer
The Ink: Steve-O is said to have a few tattoo regrets; surprisingly, the larger-than-life back portrait is not one of them. Steve O Tattoo Of Himself,

A boy band member
The Ink: Harry Styles reportedly told his tattoo artist to ink his torso with something he would regret. a boy band member, harry styles butterfly tattoo,

A movie buff
The Ink: Cathy Ward paid tribute to her favorite vampire saga by inking portraits of the cast on her back. cathy ward twilight tattoo,

A tribute gone wrong
The Ink: Quinten Wyland’s tribute triggered embarrassment when he discovered his newly-licensed tattoo artist’s mistake. tattoo tributes gone wrong, quinten wyland +grandmother with tattoo, quinten wyland grace tattoo,

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