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Kyle Mcalarney,Note: I will be adjusting accordingly until 7:00PM draft time so keep checking back. I will add descriptions once picks become more concrete. Hopefully I have all the corect picks up to date.

First Round

1. Demar DeRozan – USC – Shooting Guard

The Rockets have made it clear to everyone that DeRozan is the guy at number one. And you can’t say anyone will argue over the choice. DeRozan is the top talent in the draft, and also has the most potential. Houston traded up for him, they won’t be messing around at the top.

2. Jrue Holiday – UCLA – Point Guard

The Suns are looking for a stud young point guard to start building around. Well team’s are not exactly willing to trade them. So enter Holliday this years best point guard prospect. And likely a top three prospect in the draft anyway. It would make perfect sense for the Suns to make Holliday there point guard of the future. He has star written all over him.

3. Derrick Favors – Georgia Tech – Power Forward

The Timberwolves actually held the first overall pick originally after winning the lottery. But they decided to trade that pick for 3,11, and 13. Not bad three lottery picks for one and they still go home with one hell of a player at 3. Favors will instantly become one of the best young big man in the league. He is bursting with potential.

4. Durrell Summers – Michigan State – Shooting Guard

Rockets back on the clock here after taking DeRozan #1. They don’t really have a big need at any position at this point. However I don’t think you can pass up on a talent like Summers who is the best player on the board here as well. Adding another wing definitely doesn’t hurt you. Can make Danny Green more expandable or he can come off the bench as a sixth man.

5. Donatas Motiejunas – Lithuania – Power Forward

The Heat need a young big man desperately after dealing Keith Benson last season one of the top picks in the draft. But they won’t be desperate for long. Enter Donatas Motiejunas this years top European prospect. Hes a big man that can dominate a game with his scoring. If everything pans out this kid is the next Dirk. The only reason he wouldn’t go this high or higher is because of his defense. But to pass on him here in my opinion would be foolish.

6. Solomon Alabi – Florida State – Center

The Nets need a Center and there is no secret they have been looking for one. Well they found one here with Alabi this years top Center prospect. Although Alabi has played college basketball some of his skills are still raw. But hes a good player right now that can come in and improve the Nets front court. And he has a load of potential ready to be filled out.

7. Kyle Singler – Duke – Small Forward

The Mavericks are laughing here with Singler still here for them at seven. Hes likely a top 5 prospect and since there is so much talent at the top they lucked out here with a great scoring talent here at seven. When everything is said and done Singler could be one of the best scorers from this draft. He has a really bright future, and the Mavericks are really happy right now.

8. Paul George – Fresno State – Small Forward

The Grizzles seem to love explosive young players that can put the ball in the basket. Even though George has a lot of growing to do he can already come in and make impact. Memphis has adopted a style where they would rather out score you then defend you. And George a developing young star in the making will give them a Small Forward they can run with. His potential is likely one of the highest out of this years prospects. Watch out!

9. Giorgi Shermadini – Georgia (International) – Center

Well Detroit needs a big man. They acquired Oakafor earlier today but hes also aging they still lack depth in the front court. Shermadini one of my favourite prospects in this draft. And only the second player out of the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic. The other being Zaza Pachulia who had a pretty good career himself. But Shermadini is a much better prospect then him. And has a ton of potential, this is a great pick for Detroit here. Address a need and get one of the best guys on the board.

10. Patrick Mills – St. Mary’s – Point Guard

The Kings don’t really have a need for a point guard, but they really don’t have any big needs anywhere. Mills is the second best point guard prospect in the draft. And I have ranked him as high as six when it comes to best prospects in this draft. The Kings would love to have Mills here, and they might just get lucky enough to do so. You can’t pass up on Mills here and the Kings won’t. He has a great future.

11. Ibrahima Thomas – Cincinnati – Center

The Timberwolves back on the clock. They took the highly touted Favours with the third overal pick. And look for them to continue to bolster there front court. Thomas is the best low post Center in the draft. He has a great touch around the basket and for him to be here for the Wolves is really nice for them. He will have to improve defensively but I believe he has the ability to do so. Especially after a few camps.

12. Xavier Henry – Kansas – Shooting Guard

The Warriors just need talent. And wow will they get one here if Xaiver Henry if he falls to them here. He is going to be one of the most exciting young scorers in the league. And after losing Bryant and Simmons to retirement this is a no brainer. They can address a big man need with there next pick. But they can’t pass up on Henry at 12. I have him ranked as my ninth best prospect in this draft.

13. Robbie Hummel – Purdue – Small Forward

Wolves back on the clock for the third and final time in the lottery. After addressing there front court. They could use a little scoring on the wing. Enter Robbie Hummel probably the most polished scorers in the draft. He will have to improve defensively but he can definitely put the ball in. My only concern for him is how much better can he get. That’s the only reason hes not going higher.

14. Tony Woods – Wake Forest – Center

The Warriors need a big man. And even though I had them taking a wing player with there previous pick. I knew it would be foolish at the point to go off the board when they didn’t need to. Tony Woods here is a nice young Center who is only 19 already has good game. But his potential is high, and he will be a nice young Center to add to the Warriors core.

15. Rakim Sanders – Boston College – Shooting Guard

The Pistons addressed a big man need earlier. And now they just want to add talent. Well Sanders is the best player on the board. And if you are in the Pistons war room you would be excited to see this guy right here. This is a no brainer to me. Sanders could easily go higher. Gives them a wing need to after moving out Klezia and Ellis.

16. Osiris Eldridge – Illinois State – Shooting Guard

The Hawks did a massive overhaul with there roster. Well not really they basically just shipped out there entire roster for cap relief and draft picks. Well here is there first pick in the draft. They need talent everywhere. And Osiris Eldridge is a big talent for them to add right there. Hes an explosive player just a bit undersized. The Hawks won’t mind though they need someone to put the ball in the basket.

17. Eric Bledsoe – Kentucky – Point Guard

Bledsoe might look a bit raw in terms of overall skill but he could easily have the most potential in this draft. Hes a nice young player with a developing jump shot, and the point guard skills that will improve. The Mavericks love young players with loads of potential. Even if they are a bit raw. I say Bledsoe is the guy here.

18. Michael Washington – Arkansas – Power Forwards

The Cavaliers could definitely use a young big man that can add depth to that front court. Washington is a defensive and rebounding guy who would be a nice pick for them at 18. He needs to improve his offensive game but he is far from a liability. They just hope he has more potential, and more room to grow.

19. Kemba Walker – UConn – Point Guard

Mavericks back on the clock for there second pick of the draft, and the first off a back to back. As I mentioned earlier they love young players with bursting potential. Hes another point guard, but Walker is probably more of a combo. Taking prospects at the same position doesn’t concern the Mavericks though. They just want the top young talent on the board.

20. DeMarcus Cousins – Kentucky – Center

Mavericks close out the back to back picks taking the young Center Cousins from Kentucky. Another one of these young raw guys, but you see the potential there, and you know hes going to be a good player in time. Mavericks are going young, they are going Cousins here.

21. Lance Stephenson – Cincinnati – Shooting Guard

The Grizzlies are back on the clock after taking the highly touted wing prospect George at 8. Stephenson pulls them away from there needs but he is a good young player, and I bet they have him going higher then 21 on there list. They have to be happy with a talent like him right here.

22. Howard Thompkins – Georgia – Power Forward

Mavericks once again on the clock. They had 7, 17, 19, and 20 already. And now here again at 22 looking to add the same thing young talent. They go big here with Thompkins who seems to have really nice upside. They will definitely be willing to take a chance on him.

23. Willie Warren – Oklahoma – Point Guard

Like the Mavericks did earlier now the Hawks have back to back picks in the draft. This also there second pick in the draft. After taking the talented wing Eldridge at 16. Look for them to go defensive here with Warren. Hes a steal at this stage in the draft. He has to develop his point guard skills. But I have him as the third best point guard in this draft. And he as lot of room to grow. This is a great pick for the Hawks.

24. Wayne Chism – Tennessee – Power Forward

Second of back to back picks the Hawks need to go big now after taking a couple of guards. Chism is a good Forward here for them to take. He has a nice inside game. His defense will need to improve but he has a lot of growing to do. The Hawks are happy here with him at 24.

25. Giorgos Printezis – Greece – Small Forward

The Bobcats bought this pick. There gm is known to have a pretty good eye for talent, and is always looking for players he can steal. Well Printezis is a steal here at 25. He is the best shooter in the draft. And with rumors of Chase Budinger possibly leaving town. This makes a whole lot of sense. He needs to get better defensively but the Bobcats don’t mind right now.

26. Nolan Smith – Duke – Point Guard

Grizzlies on the clock for the third time in the first round. And once again they will take best player on the board. Nolan Smith is another guy they probably project to go higher. And with Smith falling to them here at 26 they have to be happy with there draft.

27. Austin Freeman – Georgetown – Shooting Guard

The Kings were on the board at 10. The Western Conference champions took the talented Mills a point guard prospect. Maybe they would rather add a big man here, but no point of going off the board at this stage. Freeman is a nice young guard. He has potential a bit of a safer pick, and the Kings have the patience to wait for him.

28. Corey Fisher – Villanova – Point Guard

Utah closes out the first round with back to back picks. The third team in this years draft with back to back picks in the first round. This team is one of the tops in the league. They are looking for talent. And they could use a point guard prospect like Fisher behind Rondo. Fisher has one of the better shots in the draft. And should flourish in a back up role early in his career.

29. Rodney Green – LaSalle – Shooting Guard

The Jazz will close out the first round just taking the best player on the board. Green doesn’t have a whole lot of upside. But he is a pretty good scorer, and he can rebound and defend at the two spot. He will also be able to play a little bit of three for them. And they need some depth on that roster.

Second Round

29. E’Twaun Moore
30. Rodrigue Beaubois
31. Pape-Philippe Amagou
32. Petteri Kopenen
33. Jan Vesely
34. Tiny Gallon
35. Latavious Williams
36. Semih Erden
37. Damjan Rudez
38. James Keefe
39. Sun Ming-Ming
40. Vernon Macklin
41. Theo Robertson
42. Rick Jackson
43. Wesley Johnson
44. Landon Milbourne
45. J’Mison Morgan
46. Tyler Smith
47. Ty Walker
48. Anatoly Bose
49. Lester Hudson
50. Larry Sanders
51. Gilbert Brown
52. Patrick Christopher
53. Rick Jackson
54. Dwayne Collins
55. Courtney Fortson
56. James Davis
57. Zach Jimenez
58. Rooster Fish
59. Jeff McNair

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