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Jay Cutler, The most frustrating thing in the world for me as a quarterback purist is to watch Jay Cutler fail to improve on his fundamentals year after year. Since Jay Cutler has been the quarterback of the Chicago Bears he’s gone through three different quarterback coaches, and none of them has managed to improve Cutler’s fundamentals.

You can argue about Cutler’s on the field or off the field attitude or what have you, but Cutler’s absolute arrogance on the field is sickening.

Jay Cutler probably has the strongest arm in the NFL and he can throw the football anywhere into any window at just about any moment, an ability to other QB in the league possesses. That confidence however leads to a high level of arrogance which then leads to Jay Cutler’s constant interception problems.

Those interception problems were on display again versus the Green Bay Packers as Cutler threw four interceptions in one game against the Packers for the second time in his career.

A lack of strong fundamentals plagues Cutler on an annual basis, not just from a turnover standpoint, but also from an accuracy standpoint.

One of my biggest fears has been the hiring of Jeremy Bates as the QB coach as a guy Cutler absolutely wants in his corner. This to me says that Bates and Cutler are buddies rather than mentor and pupil, something Cutler needs in order to reach his potential.

Cutler has not respected any of the previous coaches he’s played under, and he doesn’t respect Bates either. Bates has been fired from the last two jobs he’s been a coach, first as USC’s offensive coordinator and second when he was up in Seattle. He has never developed a QB in the NFL and he’s never had any success in the NFL outside of the success he had under Mike Shannahan in Denver.

Cutler adores Bates and Bates is simply happy to have a job in the NFL again, and the result is likely to be catastrophic for the Bears.

There are other QBs in the NFL who also suffer from the same fundamental problems, and not by coincidence they all struggle like Cutler does. Joe Flaaco struggles with fundamentals, Michael Vick and Tony Romo are two more that are talented QBs who simply don’t live up to their abilities.

You see big play ability out of these three QBs but you don’t the consistency you see out of Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers. Instead you get a couple of games of those QBs showing off their raw talent and then well coached teams exploit them for those flaws.

The glaring issue I see going forward is the need for Cutler to become consistent as a quarterback in order to lead the Bears to a Super Bowl title. The road to the Super Bowl via the NFL playoffs is a treacherous one, where teams with better defenses than the Packers can feast on Cutler’s lack of focus and consistent mental mistakes.

In order for Cutler to lead the Bears to a Super Bowl title he’ll have to play at a high level for three straight games against teams that will be able to exploit each one of his weaknesses.

Until Cutler can work to eliminate his obvious weaknesses (much like the Bears have worked to eliminate the weaknesses surrounding him) he won’t live up to the magnificent potential, potential that should equate to multiple Super Bowl titles.

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