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Insomnia or sleepless ness is not a disease, Its a sleep disorder. In simple words “it’s a difficulty in sleep”. Almost every adult experiences this sleep disorder or sleeplessness condition atleast once in his life. According to a survey, Insomnia has affected routine of 30-50% people while 10% people are affected by Chronic insomnia.

      Insomnia is classified on the basis of duration of this problem.

Classification Of Insomnia:

  • Transient Insomnia
  • Short-term Insomnia
  • Chronic Insomnia.


          The transient Insomnia lasts with in one week while the short term insomnia  takes 2-3 weeks. The chronic insomnia takes more than 3  weeks in recovery.

 Diagnosis Of Insomnia:

                The insomnia problem can be easily diagnosed by a health care professional by physical examination and gathering patient’s history. The obese, alcohol users and chronic snoring patients may have an increase chance of insomnia related problems. Sleep history and medical history of patient are very important in its diagnosis.


 Cure Of Insomnia:

                        To provide cure of Insomnia, its necessary to identify the causes of  this sleeplessness condition. Once the causes are known then the management is easy.

Insomnia can be cured by two types of therapies

  • Insomnia Cure By Non-Medical Treatment And Behavioral Therapy
  • Insomnia Cure By Medication And Medical Therapy.


A combination of both of the above therapies is best for the cure of insomnia.

Insomnia Cure By:

          Non-Medical Treatment And Behavioral Therapy

                    It includes Sleep hygiene, stimulus control, relaxation therapy and sleep restriction, these are also known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Sleep Hygeine:

                     It’s a behavioral therapy. The patient’s quality and quantity of sleep can be improved by using it. It includes:

  • Do not sleep too much just sleep as much as you need to take rest.
  • Before 4-5 hours before going to bed, do some exercise for minimum 20 minutes, regularly.
  • Don’t force yourself to sleep
  • Make a schedule for sleeping and awakening
  • Before going to sleep, don’t take caffeinated beverages
  • Avoid smoking specially in evening
  • Don’t go to bed with empty stomach
  • Resolve your tensions before going to bed.


Relaxation Therapy:

               Relaxation therapy involves dimming the light, playing soft music and meditation.

Stimulus Control:

            The stimulus control therapy can be done by following some simple steps

  • Set the alarm clock to wake up on a certain time also on weekends, to avoid over sleep habit.
  • When you feel sleepy then go to bed
  • While resting on bed , don’t eat, read or watch tv.


Sleep Restriction:

  • Restrict your self to take a sleep only to improve your quality of sleep, not for spending day by sleeping
  • Set your sleeping and awakening time.
  • Avoid sleeping in day time.


Insomnia Cure By:

        Medication And Medical Therapy:

                  In the medical therapy of insomnia, there are a large no. of medicines that are prescribed to the patient that will help him in falling asleep. Some of the famous medicines, used for this purpose are:

  • Benzodiazepine Sedatives
  • Non-benzodiazepine Sedatives
  • Anti-depressants
  • Ramelteon (Rozerem)


Herbal Remedies For The Cure Of Insomnia:

              In US, Valeriana officinalis is widely used to treat insomnia. It is also found useful in some patients of chronic insomnia.


           In the cure of Insomnia, the first step is the diagnosis then its treatment. Its better to cure it with non-medical treatment and behavioral therapy but if a positive result is not seen then its advised to switch on Medical therapy.

Insomnia cure

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