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Infowars:Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse was one of the great cartoon characters in American history.  I liked him as a child and I still think of him every time I address the Rothschild secret plans to make money and rule the world.  But there was another mythological character that in his day was perhaps far more popular than Mickey Mouse.  Mickey had the benefit of Hollywood and the movies which could more easily captivate and hold the attention of children while this other character reached his fame through literature and written stories for children.

Here, I refer to the works of Joel Chandler Harris (1845-1908).  Harris had several characters, mainly in the form of animals, which really whet the appetite of people in his day.  In his writings, the stories were told by an old Black man named Uncle Remus.  Perhaps, the most popular animal of all was the subject of these comments–a rabbit called Brer Rabbit.  Of course, with our modern version of political correctness, stories from Uncle Remus about a rabbit fell out of favor many years ago while popularity of Mickey Mouse has continued off and on.

One of the very popular tales from Uncle Remus about Brer Rabbit was the one about the Tar Baby.  It centered on Brer Rabbit being caught (entangled/glued) by Tar Baby and the threat of Brer Rabbit being eaten.  This threat would arrive whenever Brer Rabbit got caught and was facing the prospects of his future by Brer Fox or Brer Wolf.

In order to change the thinking of Mr Fox or Mr Wolf, Brer Rabbit would often cry out “please don’t throw me in that briar patch.”  But the thing about these pleadings and cries from Brer Rabbit is that this was precisely what he wanted to happen because he didn’t want to be eaten and the briar patch was his home turf and play ground.  And, as so often happened in these tales, Brer Rabbit was not eaten but was thrown into the briar patch.

The Backdrop

This backdrop on the tales of Brer Rabbit bring up an interesting correlation to the contemporary threats made on Congress if it passes some legislation to reign in the powers and abuses of the privately owned Federal Reserve System.  These threats on the US Congress come from the almost constant words and cries of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke as he actually threatens and intimidates Congress if it should dare throw the Fed in the briar patch of restrictive legislation.  Yet, I take it that there is something fishy going on here in these frequent outcries of Bernanke; and the gullibility and weakness of Congress to allow Bernanke to make them.

I propose in this article to examine this reaction going on right now in Congress and the regular outbursts from Bernanke which come forth as threats and acts of intimidation to the bought and paid for members of Congress (who routinely take care of the Rothschild Cabal owned Fed as a number one priority).

For many years now, US Congressman Ron Paul (from Texas) has had a one man program to do something about the dishonest and crooked operations of the Federal Reserve Bank, organized in 1913 through some fraud and deception involving President Woodrow Wilson and Congress when Congress voted the Fed bill out a few days before Christmas while many of the members of Congress who opposed the Fed idea were home on Christmas holiday.  Wilson signed it to give America an Xmas gift which has acted to completely destroy the financial integrity and future of America while it simultaneously made a gang of banking crooks incredibly wealthy.

Like several others over the last 96 years, Paul has seen the evils of the privately owned Fed and what it is doing to the United States.  He has regularly introduced legislation to abolish the Fed/rein it its almost unlimited power over US money and credit.  Not only has Paul done this in the present Congress but he has also tried to get a bill passed in prior Congresses to make a complete GAO audit of the secret operations of the Fed or abolish it.

As we all know, Paul has so far failed in his efforts to take on the power of Cabal bankers to rule the United States in the form of the Fed.  But, though failing, he has been able to generate some interest in the thinking because of the present recession/depression and the despicable works of the Fed, Congress and Presidents to dole out trillions of dollars in bail out loans and grants to the big banks (which own and control the Fed).

There are actually now a few members of Congress waking up from their deep sleep to raise questions about the Fed and whether it should or should not have a routine detailed audit of its policies and operations to play favoritism in passing out money at will to key insider banks and financial institutions.

Since Paul’s work is generating some interest and comment in Washington, and since increasingly more members of Congress are either expressing an interest in it or a desire to pass it, the secret banking owners of the Fed are almost in a panic to offset this move to populism.  Their key agents, both in Congress in Washington, and with Fed leadership in New York, have been rushing to make statements and even threats to try to offset or minimize the impact of an audit of the secret operations of the privately owned Fed.  This is the backdrop for the absurd words from Bernanke.

Too, since the Rothschild Cabal of super rich bankers control the overall United States Congress, key members of this Cabal-Congress combine have a program underway to allow an eventual congressional act which audits or reins in the almost unlimited and abusive powers of the Fed to practice skullduggery in manipulating the financial markets and making secret payoffs and loans to selected key bankers.

Evidently, pressures from more informed Americans and the work of a few persons in Congress, like Ron Paul, are forcing this concession from the banking Cabal.  In other words, the Cabal is willing to give in now on a minor, limited bill to avoid later a far more comprehensive and damaging bill to the secret control of the Fed and the United States.

For months now, I have monitored this movement in Congress and told readers at that we will very likely have a Fed bill this year that provides for a limited audit and some curtailment in the excessive powers that the Fed has enjoyed for the last 96 years.  But my take has been that it will be a very watered down bill which does almost nothing to really check upon the Fed or to rein in its abusive and dishonest powers/practices.

Leading members of Congress, who just happen to also be leading agents of the Rothschild Cabal and the Cabal’s owned Fed, are now hard at work trying to come up with some watered down version of a bill to defuse the work of Paul and a few others, and pacify Congress and the American people as a whole.

In the Senate, this work is being carried on by Fed/Rothschild Cabal agent Chris Dodd of Connecticut.  In the House, it is being led by Congressman Barney Frank, who is both a relative and agent of the Rothschild Cabal of London.  It appears that the focus of both Dodd and Frank is on an assertion that the US financial and monetary operations are in deep doo-doo because of a number of problems, to include problems from the financial market regulatory agencies as well as from the Fed.  In other words, while the Fed has made some mistakes, there have been other guilty parties as well which must be addressed in any bill to supposedly correct things.

In the context of the pressures for a complete overhaul of the American monetary and financial systems, it appears that the Congress will pass a Smoke and Mirrors bill to pacify and deceive the American voters that something is being done while nothing is being done.  More new bureaucratic agencies will be created and more power will devolve to Washington in this motion underway.  But the real problems will not be addressed or corrected.

As far as the Fed, and whatever bill passes, it will be very watered-down effort with no consequences of any importance (thus, maybe the Fed’s financial statements will be audited; but its secret operations to manipulate the financial markets with other Rothschild Cabal owned central banks will remain inviolate).  In other words, the status quo will continue.

The Work of Bernanke

In view of what is happening and will happen with the Rothschild Cabal controlled Congress, I cannot envision why in the world would Fed Chairman Bernanke constantly make threats to Congress that if it passes a bill to restrict the Fed there will be a compete melt down of the US financial and economic systems that not only will intensity the US depression/recession but will have enormous global adverse effects.  Bernanke makes these threats though a watered down, do-nothing bill is what his Cabal bosses have already settled on.

Here are a couple of Bernanke’s recent threats.

On or about June 30, 2009, Fed Chairman Bernanke issued one of his first strong threats to Congress that the Congress must not pass a bill to audit the Fed.  Infowars had a report by Aaron Dykes which said that Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke unleashed an alarming veiled threat of financial t*rror*sm when he was questioned by Rep. Duncan of the House about his response to the fact that a majority of Congress was co-sponsoring Ron Paul’s H.R. 1207 bill to audit the Federal Reserve.  Bernanke clearly saw the intent of the House bill as being a hostile measure against the Fed.

Bernanke said:  “My concern about the legislation is that if the GAO is auditing not only the operational aspects of the programs and the details of the programs but making judgments about our policy decisions would effectively be a takeover of policy by the Congress and a repudiation of the Federal Reserve would be highly destructive to the stability of the financial system, the Dollar and our national economic situation.”

Infowars noted that the brunt of Bernanke’s statement came over crystal clear as a threat from a common street thug– “back off from the Fed, or the economy gets it.”  The article added that “Bernanke’s open use of financial t*rror*sm in the face of Congress’ blatant Constitutional authority is absurd and despicable.”

Another big threat from Bernanke came on or about Nov 30, 3009 in an article he prepared for the Washington Post.  Craig Torres of Bloomberg addressed this one by noting that Bernanke Says Limiting Fed Independence Would Impair Economy.

Per the story, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke made the following charges:  “Curbing the central bank’s authority to supervise the banking system and tampering with its independence would ‘seriously impair’ economic stability in the U.S.  A number of the legislative proposals being circulated would significantly reduce the capacity of the Federal Reserve to perform its core functions… The measures would seriously impair the prospects for economic and financial stability in the U.S… Because of our role in making monetary policy, the Fed brings unparalleled economic and financial expertise to its oversight of banks.”

Torres wrote that Bernanke had presided over the most expansive use of Fed powers since the Great Depression, but noted some criticism from Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd who has argued that the Fed has been lax in supervision.  Dodd and Representative Barney Frank, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, want to take away the Fed’s rule- writing power on consumer financial products and give it to a new Consumer Financial Protection Agency.

But Bernanke charges that “The Fed has reviewed its performance and moved aggressively to fix the problems.”  The story added that as the subprime mortgage crisis began to trigger losses in bank portfolios, Bernanke used emergency authority last year to purchase securities from Bear Stearns and facilitated its merger with JPMorgan Chase & Co.  Bernanke went on to say that “the government’s actions, while in some instances ‘distasteful and unfair,’ were necessary to prevent a global economic catastrophe that could have rivaled the Great Depression in length and severity.”

Per Torres, Bernanke pushed the Fed’s backstop lending beyond banks by setting up programs to support the commercial paper and asset- backed securities markets.  He says that the Fed Board approved the bank- holding-company applications of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Morgan Stanley, giving them access to the Fed’s loan window.  The story added that the Fed became the lender of last resort to government bond dealers, banks, Wall Street firms and U.S. corporations.

On the surface, one can make the case that the above Bernanke threats are intended to be motions to intimidate the Congress and make them back off completely without any effort to audit or rein in the powers of the Fed over the United States.  In other words, some would take it that Bernanke is trying to make the Congress completely back off and leave the Fed alone without any bill.

Well, I don’t doubt for a minute that the Rothschild Cabal bosses would much prefer that the Congress pass no bill.  But the bosses are in the real world in terms of seeing what is going on.  They fully know and understand that there is much growing opposition to the practices of the Fed and indeed to the other financial institutions supposedly working for the benefit of America.

Manifestly, as the depression/recession continues and intensifies, public pressure is building up for the Congress to do something.  Of course, Congress could conceivably respond in the future to public pressure with something far more damaging than a smoke and mirrors bill now to deceive the dumb sheep voters.

The Cabal masters are thoroughly informed on what is happening and what could happen.  I think that they know and have already informed their puppets in Congress to pass a watered-down, useless bill of nothing to currently pacify the dumb sheep voters and defuse the pressure for a really damaging bill.  So, what is it that is propelling Bernanke on and on to continue his almost constant focus on threatening the Congress (and effectively the American people)?

What could be Behind the Bernanke Statements?

In that context, and with that backdrop, I submit that the frequent outbursts from Bernanke are being made to actually further the work of the Cabal to manipulate and control the financial markets and not limit, restrict or rein in its work or its control of the Fed.

As I discuss and describe at length in an article Understanding Money and War XIV (at, the Cabal is in the position of creating both inflation and deflation (recession/depression) in order to further its moves to more profits and world government.  In that vein, the present recession/depression has been created by the Cabal and is destined to continue and intensify to achieve Cabal objectives.  So, if Americans think it’s bad now, they should just wait because unemployment, credit and M3 contraction, real estate foreclosures, etc are all going to go substantially higher in the coming days.

Thus, if things are destined to get much worse in the coming days, and if the public should get more riled up and mad at the bankers, is it possible that the Cabal could have more problems and even with a passed watered down bill to supposedly reign in the Fed?  Could the dumb sheep voters wake up and realize that a watered down bill on the Fed did nothing and the Fed is indeed guilty of the mess and must face even more scrutiny and limitation in future Congressional bills?  In a way, the Cabal bosses must be cognizant of the possibilities of the people blaming the Fed for any continuing economic problems.

Therefore, I suggest that the present Bernanke outbursts are not to stop Congress from acting on a watered down bill (which is now underway and coming down the pike regardless of what Bernanke, the Fed or the Cabal does and doesn’t do).  Instead, Bernanke and his Cabal bosses have generally agreed for the Congress to go ahead and pass a watered-down, do-nothing bill to pacify the electorate.

But importantly, it can also be taken that the Bernanke outbursts are measures to alert America that when the American people wake up and find that nothing good has come from any so-called bill on the Fed, the people should not blame the Fed or its secret banking owners with the Rothschild Cabal.

In other words, as the recession/depression continues and intensifies, someone must take the blame for it.  I submit that Bernanke is laying the groundwork to not blame the Fed or its secret owners and controllers.  As a minimum, his threat is that the idiots in Congress should not produce a bill to do anything with the Fed.  Next, if the Congress so acts, then the threat is that there will be an economic collapse because of the congressional actions interfering in the work of the Fed.

And finally, as the recession/depression made by the Fed owners intensify and worsen, there will be a further need for a scape goat to take the blame/fall for the continuing and intensifying problems.  So, Bernanke is saying to not blame the Fed.  Instead, the public must be convinced that the continuing and intensifying problems are precisely attributable to the work of the Congress to pass a bill to interfere in Fed operations.  Based on this present bill, which will not solve the problems, Congress should not pass any more bills in the future to interfere in Fed polices and operations.

In a way, this not only takes the blame for the continuing and intensifying mess away from Bernanke, but it transfers the blame to someone else besides the Fed and its secret owners and controllers.  Hence, if we, the American people, want to get mad over the continuing depression/recession, we must look in some other direction than Bernanke, the Fed or the Rothschild ruling Cabal.

Back to Joel Chandler Harris

To return to the Uncle Remus stores about Brer Rabbit, the analogy is that Brer Fox/wolf is the overall Congress and the American people; and Brer Rabbit is the Fed.  Since a watered-down bill is coming down the pike and cannot be stopped, the plutocratic bankers running the show and controlling the Fed are looking ahead to who can be blamed for the continuing recession/depression which they have caused thru their own contraction of credit and M3 (on this, see the Goldsmiths 106, 107 and 109 at

Consequently, Bernanke is saying that if you pass a bill (and even one that is a watered down bill, as is clearly coming down the pike), it will bring on the coming collapse.  Of course, what he is not saying is that the coming collapse is already on the calendar.  It is coming whether Congress passes a watered down bill or not.  All he is saying is that when it happens, the people must be made to believe that the collapse is to be blamed on Congress and the bill it passed on the Fed, and not on the Fed since Bernanke has warned us what will happen if the Congress does pass a bill (even a watered down, do-nothing bill).

Of course, what Bernanke has not told us is that the depression/recession is already scheduled to worsen in the coming days and regardless of what Congress does or doesn’t do.  The Bernanke focus now is on who will take the blame for the worsening depression/recession in the coming days.  He is saying don’t pass the bill (though a watered-down do nothing bill is precisely what the Cabal has now agreed to in order to pacify and quite down the American people for them to believe that something is being done when nothing is being done).  In effect, this is the Brer Rabbit pitch.


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