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Frank Ocean Willy Cartier, Folks. It’s 2013! And we’re taking this hot-guy-of-the-week thing to a whole ‘nother level. Enter Willy Cartier. We first met this ridiculously hot guy when Frank Ocean shared a photo of the two together, and rumors started flying about that the two were dating. It’s still a rumor, but I’ve seen enough pics to decide for myself that they are totally boo’d up. Which is awkward. Because I’m in love with Frank Ocean. So yeah, technically, Willy and I are beefing right now, but it’s fine! It’s fine. He can still be our hot guy because, honestly? I haven’t been able to get his face/hair out of mind, lol. Join me inside and get to know This Week’s Hot-Person-Who-I-Didn’t-Know-I-Was-Into-Until-Recently!

So before we get to Willy Cartier we need to talk about the origins of his hotness. Like most hot people, he get it from his mama! Willy posted these to his Tumblr, so you can try to make sense of his situation:

Willy’s Mama, Léa Cartier

Willy’s Mama, Léa Cartier with friggen Leonardo di Caprio, ’cause that’s how she rolled:

Yeah. There’s that. Willy seriously inherited some good genes… and… well, I kinda like that he looks like a chic sometime (see the gallery). Judge me if you will! But yeah. He’s such a French model; long hair don’t care. And the androgyny thing is sorta kinda doin’ it for me, lol! This picture is the definition of ‘unnecessarily hot.’ Like, even he can’t take how hot he is, lmao:

Oh, and then there’s part where he’s got that whole racial ambiguity thing going on. Which means he can pose as a Native American, when necessary.

According to his Twitter Willy‘s originally from Vietnam, Senegal & France, and now lives in Paris. That information alone is hot.

Willy doesn’t have a Wiki page so we don’t know tons about him, but really. What more do you need to know? He’s got excellent taste in men, and sometimes his tweets are like little poems; like he tweets in haiku, lmao! He absolutely sounds like a tragic lover. It’s adorable. And hot.

The Atlantic Ocean separates us. Maybe that’s why I learned how to swim…

— Willy Cartier (@WillyCartier) December 18, 2012

That one kinda made me think of Frank Ocean‘s Swim Good track. Yeah, these two are definitely gettin’ it on and poppin’. And Willy‘s so hot, I can’t even hate. Well, I can. And I do. But today we celebrate only his hotness!

Frank Ocean Willy Cartier

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