Fin Whale Breaches

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Fin Whale Breaches, A fin whale breaches for a rare moment, and someone has managed to catch that rare moment and share it with the world. Fin whales are not known for breaching out of the ocean depths because of their great size. However, this fin whale felt the need to leave the water completely for a brief moment. According to sources, the fin whale actually breached twice in the Strait of Gibraltar, and the second time was a full breach. On May 28, Pete Thomas Outdoors shared the video of this incident and told the story about this rare occurrence.

Circe shared this brief video on their Facebook page this week, and it clearly shows the fin whale breaching twice during the one minute clip. The whale is seen a third time, but it remained on the surface of the water. Those watching the whale from the boat are clearly excited by the sighting. Fin whales are one of the largest species of the whale family. Only the blue whale is larger. Neither fin or blue whales are known to show this type of behavior, so the fact this group was able to capture the moment on video is even more amazing.

Just how big are fin whales? These creatures can measure 80 feet long, and they can weigh over 70 tons. Fin whales can also speed through the water at 23 miles per hour. The reason why this whale decided to breach the water is not known. Those watching the whale did not see a reason for it. Alisa Schulman-Janiger, a researcher with the American Cetacean Society, said the following about the behavior: It’s a very rare behavior. It’s rarely observed and even more rarely captured on camera.”

Schulman-Janiger has studied fin whales in the waters off the coast of Southern California, and since those studies began 31 years ago, there have only been a “only a handful of fin whale breaches.” However, it does seem like fin whales are starting to breach more. One incident was witnessed just last month in those southern California waters where one or two whales breached 20-plus times.

Fin whales have been in the news for another instance this week. One dead fin whale washed up on a San Diego beach. The whale carcass was found on the beach near the Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant earlier this month, and it is now being taken to a landfill, according to San Diego 6. The whale was towed back out to sea, but it washed back up on shore on Monday.

This is a sad story to report. These creatures are rare. Fin whales were heavily hunted at one point, and they are now listed on the endangered species list. A necropsy of the whale will be done, and it is said the process of removing the whale from the beach should be done by the end of this weekend. A cause of death might not be found for the whale, even with the necropsy. This is due to the advanced decay of the creature.

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