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Feliz Ano Nuevo, The tradition of celebrating the New Year and welcome the new shows around the world, but vary the times and ways to celebrate.

The agazajos at the end of a period and preparing to live a new stage has a great significance in many cultures, although the date of the holiday depends on the type of calendar used.

The most common and widespread on the planet is the Gregorian, named after Pope Gregory XIII, who established in 1582 and which proclaims the month of January as the beginning of a cycle that lasts 365 days.

In the Roman Empire, the calendar began on the first day of March; however it was in the eleventh month, called January after the god Janus double-sided, when the consuls of ancient Rome took over the government.

Julius Caesar changed the system in 47 BC, which has become current and antecedent of which were taken the old ways and converted pagan celebration of renewal in religious rites.

With the expansion of Western culture to other countries during the twentieth century, the first of January was adopted as a universal time, even in territories with their own customs, including China, where they use the lunar calendar, in the celebrations which are not covered by an exact day and occurs between 21 January and 21 February.

In other countries also varies the time of the holidays.

Some members of the Orthodox Church kept the Julian calendar and the year are January 14, while the Muslims celebrate the first Muharran date, which varies as it is also governed by the cycles of the moon.

Losar, Tibet, is done between January and March, the Nouruz of Iran in the spring equinox, about March 21, in Thailand, Cambodia, Burma and Bengal New Year falls between 13 and 15 April .

The Mapuche celebrate their version of New Year, We Tripantu, 24 June, the Inti Raymi, the Inca comes two days before and Aymara three.

The Rosh Hashanah of the Jews is often carried out in September, the Ethiopian place the Enkutatash September 11 and according to the French Republican calendar ceremony Vendémiaire lies the first, 22 for the ninth month, while Hindus celebrate the arrival mid-November.

Although different in times and dates, all celebrations are a symbol of recognition of the past and hope for the future.

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