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ECW Thoughts.December 1:A few weeks ago I wrote in my ECW thoughts that Paul and Katie Lea Burchill, although somewhat downtrodden at the time from Paul’s  loss to The Hurricane, and his subsequent departure from the group, should just take a deep breath and realize that there are other roads to travel on to seek further WWE employment. But the Burchills evidently felt some reason to seek a return to the land of extreme. So after perhaps over-communicating by various means to ECW General Manager Tiffany, the Burchills at least got a meeting last night with the GM to state their case and ask for reinstatement. Tiffany’s response per se: Thanks, but no thanks; the contract signed for the Burchill-Hurricane match was valid.

I’m not sure what prompted Paul’s desire to want to return, but he did, and I was surprised of that decision. Regardless of how he feels about Hurricane, I will say it again: Paul Burchill was a talented performer in ECW, and in my eyes was the most underrated performer there up until his departure. Now by no means am I siding with him on his decision. But what I am saying is that perhaps Tiffany could have shown a little leniency and allowed the Burchills to return, and in the process regain the professional services of the talented Englishman.

You know, a while back Tiffany made a statement to the effect that “if you don’t want to be here, I don’t want you here.” Well Paul and Katie Lea apparently WANT to be there. And Lord knows, not withstanding the New Talent Initiative in place in ECW, you certainly need to have your share of credible ring veterans in the mix as well.

Recently, Tiffany held steadfast on not giving William Regal one more opportunity at Christian’s ECW Championship; she relented after Regal’s goading towards Christian made the ECW Champion demand that he meet Regal; the plight of the Burchills is totally different, but similar along the lines that Tiffany can chance things on a dime.

Hey Tiffany: It’s the Holiday Season. Perhaps you can get in the spirit and overturn the edict and allow the Burchills back into the Land of Extreme. It’s for the betterment of your product, and you’d be making spirits bright for them!

Speaking of Mr. Regal, once again the glue that binds the Ruthless Roundtable seems to be wearing thin. I am starting to wonder if some sort of identity crisis has befallen Vladimir Kozlov. For two straight weeks now he has failed on aiding and abetting Mr. Regal, then immediately placed the blame on Ezekiel Jackson for causing Regal’s losses. And then in the tag team match where Kozlov and Jackson faced Christian and Shelton Benjamin, Jackson refused to make a tag from Kozlov, and then walked out of his partner. Justified? Unjustified?  I guess that is up to Mr. Regal to decide, and quickly, for his Ruthless Roundtable seems to be in jeopardy of losing its solidarity.

This and That: Trent Baretta and Caylen Croft made their ECW debuts last night in tag team action. They seemed to be somewhat brash and deliberate about their business inside the squared circle, and it paid off for them with a win…..Is Zack Ryder head over heels for Rosa Mendes or what? This man is all out smitten, and after last night’s poetry exchange on the Abraham Washington Show between the lovebirds, I wonder if this fast and furious relationship is headed towards more permanent bliss……….

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