Christmas Lights Synchronized To TSO Nutcracker

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Christmas Lights Synchronized To TSO Nutcracker, It’s that time of year again. Nope, not time for shopping – hopefully we’re past that. It’s time to marry technology and tradition by showing off those awesome Christmas lights. Elaborate, musical Christmas lights draped over suburban houses and yards have been a YouTube meme since 2005. In honor of four years of silly Christmas music accompanied by geeky tech, here are eight of the best videos!

Most of these displays were built using Light-O-Rama’s products, which include hardware and software that you can set up in your home to control the show. It’s rarely cheap (these displays often run well into the thousands of dollars) but deal with it: In our culture Christmas isn’t just about spending time with family – it’s a time for spending money, too!

1. Christmas Lights Gone Wild

As far as we can tell, this was the first megahit in the musical christmas lights YouTube video genre. This Mason, Ohio home was rigged by electronics professional Carson Williams. 88 channels, 30,000 lights, two months of work, and $10,000. The result: a meme was born.

The host of the video – a YouTube user named houseofboyd – claims that its low quality can be attributed to the fact that it originally circulated by e-mail. You remember e-mail forwards, right? Oh, and the house was later featured in a Miller beer commercial.

2. Frisco Christmas Lights

Set to the same Trans-Siberian Orchestra song (“Wizards in Winter”) as the “Christmas Lights Gone Wild” video above, Frisco Christmas Lights appeared a year later. It shows off the “largest residential computerized Christmas lights display in North Texas,” according to the display’s delightfully Web 1.0-looking and Comic Sans-loaded web site.

3. Christmas Light Hero

This one might be our favorite, but that’s because we’re a bunch of geeks. Whereas all the other houses here display pre-arranged compositions, Christmas Light Hero is a working representation of that iconic Guitar Hero digital fret board. You can actually play the game on your garage door, if you don’t mind the cold!

A nice winter coat was the solution for the boy guitar god in this video. The man who designed the whole thing says it’s a lot harder to get the timing right watching only the Christmas lights display, but you won’t make it on the family high score list if you sneak a peek at the TV – that would be short on Christmas spirit, boys and girls.

4. Ochre Christmas Light Show

Recognize this place? It’s the same house – and the same mad suburban scientist – that entertained us in the Christmas Light Hero video. The video game theme is also present in this older video, which is a more traditional, pre-composed arrangement set to a chiptunes version of Jingle Bells. If you’re between the ages of 20 and 40, this video might impart a little extra holiday cheer for reminding you of the Game Boy or NES you got as a gift when you were younger.

5. Christmas Lights Techno Rave

Was the last video not techno enough for you? Try this 2007 hit from Mike Cole. “Christmas Lights Techno Rave” sounds about right. Make no mistake – this display will wake up the neighbors. If you try to replicate it, just make sure to distribute glow sticks so everyone can participate. There are bound to be fewer complaints that way!

6. Christmas Light Show – Amazing Grace Techno

When this clip starts out, you think it’s going to be all classy and traditional, what with it being set to Amazing Grace and all. But don’t be fooled; it’s about to blindside you by turning into another techno rave. You’ll be particularly impressed by the star on top of the house, but the whole thing is a spectacle. It’s also the highest number of Light-O-Rama channels in any of these videos. The display’s website says the number is 215.

7. Carol of the Bells LightO-Rama

More than 200,000 Christmas lights make an appearance in this display each year. It’s called Steel City Christmas, and it’s located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This video has 210,000 lights, but the 2009 display has a whopping 260,000. They turn on the lights on December 6th and run them from 6:00 to 11:00 PM every single night.

8. Christmas Lights Synchronized to TSO Nutcracker

Trans-Siberian Orchestra is a popular choice for musical Christmas lights videos. They make their third appearance on the list in this Aubrey, TX video, this time with the Nutcracker. It’s a fine choice if you want your house to rock just a little harder than the rest of ’em. Check it out: These folks wired their lawn, too.

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